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Being overlooked by its more famous neighbors Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, by chance, helps maintain Laos as the most enchanting destination in Southeast Asia. Old-fashioned charm and unmixed culture, colonial towns and hill tribe villages, mighty Mekong River, and sleepy island life, our highly knowledgeable tour guides will help you experience them all. Traveling with Exotic Voyages, your trip to Laos is anything but unforgettable.

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Exotic Voyages did a great job on our Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos trip

Great experience with Exotic Voyages on my recent trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos! I'm from Califonia and was taking a birthday trip with my mom. I started with one of the standard trips and then adjusted it in a number of ways. Judy and Lacey worked with me over email to get it the way I ...

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Exotic Voyages did a great job on our Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos trip

Back to Vietnam and Laos with Exotic Voyages

We have just returned from two weeks in South East Asia on a tour arranged by Annie of Exotic Voyages. As with previous trips, all of the details were handled perfectly; visas and transfers were ...

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New York City, New York

An amazing 29 days in SE Asia

I can't say enough about how fabulous our 29 day tour was! Annie from Exotic Voyages arranged everything for four of us as we traveled through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The experiences we ...

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Thailand, Laos & Vietnam Adventure

Definitely a 5 star operation. Used them to customize a SE Asia adventure for my wife and me. We started planning well before Covid. After several revisions and rescheduling , we came up with a 26 ...

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Naples, Florida

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Top things to do

Feel the spirit of Buddhism in Luang Prabang

Like many other Asian countries, Laos is home to a wide variety of exquisite temples that are well worth visiting. To get a bird's-eye view of Luang Prabang - home to 33 active gold-covered temples, climb Mount Phousi. While there, check out the enormous Buddhas etched into the cliffs.

Kayak the river

Vang Vieng, which is located next to the Nam Song River, is now regarded as a popular spot for traveling groups and outdoor activities among many foreign tourists. Kayak down the Nam Song at white-water rafting speeds for a thrilling experience. In order to fly over the treetops, pull up to the river's edge, exchange your paddles for a harness, and board a zipline. The journey ends with an exciting steep drop that will make you feel like you'll end up in the river below.

Get lost in Vientiane

Although Vientiane serves as the country's economic hub, this Mekong River city stands out from the bustle of other Southeast Asian cities thanks to its laid-back vibe. With more than 200 Buddha statues, including the extremely stunning gigantic lying Buddha that is 40 meters long, Buddha Park is full of amazing sights that are sure to awe any visitor. One of your unique sensations in the capital city of Vientiane will be feeling as though you are lost in the enchanted world of Hinduism, surrounded by extraordinarily revered statues.

Explore the Horizontal City

The northeast province of Xieng Khouang is known for its famous Plain of Jars, one of the most archaeological impressive sights Laos has to offer. The Plain of Jar is located in the main city of the province named Phonsavanh, a laid-back and beautiful city not only processes great landscapes for adventure trips but also incredible sights, pagodas, villages for cultural tours. The unique image of the Plain of Jars has a 1,000-year-old civilization with evidence of human beings in the past.

Spice things up with Laos cuisine

Lao cuisine has one distinctive feature: very spicy. The majority of foods have slightly more bitterness than sweetness and frequently use raw veggies and fresh herbs. The typical rice cuisine is sticky rice (khao niaow), which is eaten by hand from little baskets. You must pinch off a small amount of rice by hand, roll it into a ball, then dip it in the sauce and enjoy. Laap, a "salad" of minced meat combined with herbs, spices, lemon juice, and chile, is the national dish you should not miss.

Feel the slow pace of local life

In contrast to its neighbors, such as Thailand and Vietnam, where people are constantly in a hurry, Laos has its own style of life, which is leisurely and low-stress. One of the highlights of your exploration of the North is the little but wonderful town of Pakbeng in the Laotian province of Oudomxay. This town, which serves as a meeting place for numerous local hill tribes like the H'mong, Lue, Khamou, and others, is located halfway between Houeixay and Luang Prabang. You can observe natives living their traditional lives in this picturesque area of Laos and be inspired by their calm and uncomplicated way of life.

Set a real-time for unwinding

Whilst the people of Laos are renowned for their hospitality, Muang Ngoi would win as the friendliest town in the entire country. With just 800 residents, it is a tranquil, beautiful village in northern Laos. There are no banks, no internet services, and not even a landline phone in this area so knowing this is precious time for unwinding. You may easily get a sense of local daily life by strolling down the 500-meter-long, dirt road in the village, where roosters can be seen strutting past villagers fixing fishing nets. In this community, swinging a hammock from a balcony could seem like the right or only thing to do, but there are more options than you can do: trekking, paddling, caving, camping, and even kayaking.

Get closer to nature in Pakse

Pakse, the capital of Champasak province in southern Laos, is known for the produce grown by ethnic minority groups on the nearby Bolaven Plateau and sold in Pakse’s colorful markets. The town is also the gateway to the Khmer archaeological site of Wat Phou Champasak, which stretches over the lower slopes of the sacred mountain, Mount Phu Ka. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was built by the founder of the first Khmer empire, is smaller than the more well-known Angkor Wat but is mystical with its tumbled-down pavilions and tall trees. Visitors to Champasak province can also trek on elephants, visit Southeast Asia’s highest waterfall, KhongPhapeng, and experience traditional life on the nearby islands.

Find a perfect peace on Khong Island

Khong Island or Don Khong is an island of southern Laos, located on the Mekong River, in the Si Phan Don. It is a beautiful natural and cultural tourism site and is also famous for rice plantations and fishermen. With its lovely fishing villages, serene monasteries and lush vegetation, the pretty island offers a unique opportunity to experience the peaceful Laotian lifestyle. Besides, magnificent waterfalls also are things the residents of the island are proud to offer their lovely visitors. Some interesting activities you should try to discover on this incredible island are going by dugout canoe through Si Phane Done, crossing to Done Det Island partly by foot, visiting a pretty fishing village. 


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