Muang Ngoi

Laos people are known for their hospitality, but if we have to pick a friendliest town in the whole Laos, Muang Ngoi gets our vote. It is a sleepy, gorgeous town in Northen Laos that consists of only 800 people. You won't be able to find any bank, internet access or even landline telephone here. Wandering down the village's 500 meter long unpaved road, you can easily catch the glimpse of local daily life, with rooster strutting pass villages mending fishing nets. It's the perfect place to unwind and rest your soul. While hammock-swinging on balconies seem like the right or only thing you want to do in this village, there are more than meet the eyes. Trekking, boating, caving, camping and even kayaking are all on the menu to make the most of the area's natural beauty.