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Southeast Asia Travel Deals

a high-end tour operator specializing in off-the-beaten track voyages from Southeast Asia to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

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Exotic Voyages Launches 111-day Spiritual Journey Across Asia

An Asia-based tour operator has connected the dots on the wellsprings of the continent's most insightful doctrines to create an all-encompassing pilgrimage.

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The King Kong Itinerary

If King Kong were not a figment of some movie maker’s imagination, there’s a very good chance he’d have climbed out of the wilds of Vietnam, where producers of Kong: Skull Island filmed much of the soon-to-debut movie.

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Chōsen: Life-changing holidays

Not for the faint of heart or light of wallet, the ‘Razor’s Edge: A Spiritual and Cultural Quest’ is seriously life-affirming.

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Top 50 Adventures

For those who want an adventure of the transcendent kind, Exotic Voyages provides a grand 111-day spiritual journey through Asia.

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Kong’s Vietnam

Exotic Voyages’ new ten-day trip, ‘Kong’s Vietnam’, ventures into the depths of Vietnam from Quang Binh Province to Halong Bay, where dramatic otherworldly landscapes provided a primeval backdrop for Kong’s adventures in the new movie, Kong: Skull Island.

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