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Thailand is an all-rounder, a contrast of old and new. You will find thousands of years of Lanna heritage within chaotic cities or get really close to the locals while enjoying the luxurious resorts right on the legendary sandy beaches. At Exotic Voyages, we bring everything Thailand together for you with years of expertise and dedication. We know from start to finish what goes into making the perfect Thailand vacation.

Tran Thuy (Judy)

Meet Our Thailand Expert

Tran Thuy (Judy)



Our signature experiences allow you to discover the new land in a deeper and more special way. You’ll realize, the place you visit, not only has its own culture and history but also has its Sound, Soul, and Stories, guided by our experts. Those experiences, ranging from 2 hours and half-day to full-day, can be easily tailored to best suit your preferences. Add them to your itinerary to make your travel more meaningful.

Thonburi with a Heritage Conservationist

Thonburi with a Heritage Conservationist

Encounter Oriental Gastronomy

Encounter Oriental Gastronomy

Crest Natural Trail

Crest Natural Trail

Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Tuk-Tuk Adventure

When Gourmet Hits the Streets

When Gourmet Hits the Streets

Hidden Local Beliefs

Hidden Local Beliefs


Paradise Untouched: Thailand Honeymoon Package

13 Days
12 Nights
Bangkok | Chiang Mai | Koh Yao Noi | Phuket

$4123+ Per Person
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Leisha C
Leisha C

Perfection from start to finish

We went to Thailand for our honeymoon and Exotic Voyages planned the perfect trip for us from start to finish. Lacey was wonderful to work with in designing and adjusting our plans and once we got there everything ran so smooth!

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Perfection from start to finish

Two weeks in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koyao Yao, Thailand!

We had the best two weeks in Thailand. Judy did an amazing job at getting us the entire experience of Thailand with such an easy process. Not once were we worried or concerned about where to go or ...

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Lubbock, Texas

Phenomenal Company!!!! - Kien is AMAZING

My husband and I planned our honeymoon in Southeast Asia through Kien at Exotic Voyages. It was by far THE BEST trip of our life

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Maxi & Kory

Perfect Thailand Honeymoon

Exotic Voyages did an extraordinary job planning our honeymoon itinerary to Thailand! They arranged our hotels, transportation, many tours with tour guides who helped translate, and dinner ...

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Why choose EV?

Trusted & Fully Licensed International Travel Agency 

Our International Tour Operator & Travel License is 0105561091009, granted by Thailand Tourism Administration Board.

Local Knowledge

Work with your designated travel designer to customize your trip to your exact requirements.

Unique Experiences

In our customers' words: "All of the activities Exotic Voyages recommended were great, and a handful were truly exceptional where we were the only westerners/tourists around."

Best Travel Guide & Private Tours Thailand

We provide excellent private tours to make sure your Thailand luxury vacations are like no other. With EV guides, you shake hands when you meet and will be giving them hugs when you leave.

Pay Direct Prices. No Overhead!

As we are running our own operation in Thailand, you are getting the direct price from the source. Say goodbye to third party commission or referral fee. 

Customize Your Trip With A Travel Designer

All of our staff live and travel extensively throughout Thailand and its neighboring countries, we offer you the insider knowledge. 

Exceptional Travel Logistics

We are on-top of managing all logistics for your trip. Safe, on time & high quality vehicles, drivers and guides will be with you throughout.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our bloodline. If you are not satisfied with us, we will work with you to make it right!

Top things to do

Food tour in Bangkok

Bangkok has a range of exciting things for you to experience. A food tour is the best way to take a deep dive into the local culture. Don’t look at the menu or decor. Look at the number of people then you will know you choose the right one. Tom Yum Gung - the Thai masterpiece soup, Gang Keow Wan - the famous Thai green curry, Pad Thai - the national dish of Thailand, and the grilled pork skewers Kao Niew Moo Yang are some authentic Thai food that many are passionate about.

Tuk-tuk riding in Bangkok 

Hopping into a tuk-tuk to explore this big and bustling city is a must-do experience in Thailand family vacation packages. The kids will love the adventurous feeling of a tuktuk wriggling around every corner of the city.

See the temples, any city

This is a must when you are in Thailand as Buddhism is practiced by more than 95% of the population. It’s easy to encounter a temple on your way as they are many. 

Recall the glory days of the powerful Siam Kingdom

80 kilometers from Bangkok, Thailand’s old capital of Ayutthaya is filled with ancient ruins - heritages of the Siam Kingdom, a golden age of Thai history. Among the recommended relics are Wat Phra Sri Sanphet and Wat Mahathat - a Buddha head emerging from the roots of a tree.

Taste northern Thai food, Chiangmai

Rich with history and native ingredients, Northern culinary specialties satisfy every hungry soul. In a wide range of Chiang Mai food, Khao Soi is the most famous. It is a perfect blend of curry soup and coconut milk to create a thick, rich texture, served with crunchy fried noodles. 

Know about Lanna's Culture, Chiangmai

The cultural heaven of Chiang Mai is rooted in the history of the 700-year-old Lanna kingdom. Chiang Mai has its own culture, cuisine, and crafts which are so strong that it is unofficially named Thailand’s “second city.” Meet old and young talented generations in Chiangmai to see how they keep their ancient culture alive.

Meet the elephants

Seeing and walking with the giant is a one-of-a-kind experience in Thailand’s exotic vacation packages. Many ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand give the old, sick, tired elephants a new chance to enjoy life. And your visit contributes to this meaningful activity. (Feel free to ask us for the information).

Learn Thai recipes

After tasting all the best bites from north to south, you might ask yourself why Thai food is so delicious. Attend a cooking class where you can learn much more from a local chef than by reading a cookbook. First and foremost, the class will help you to get familiar with Thai basic ingredients such as marinade pastes, curry paste, and Thai chili jam which lead to a wide variety of Thai dishes.

Go to Pai - Best Thailand trip package for couple

This small town is one of Thailand’s brightest hidden gems. Pai bamboo bridge is Instagram-worthy, the cafes have romantic views, and its lovely night market is an experience you simply cannot miss. 

Visit Chiang Rai

The sleepy town of Chiang Rai exudes a nostalgic vibe of the olden time. Here is home to the famed White Temple and Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar all meet.

Go to nature

One of the most extraordinary Thailand sightseeing is going to nature at Khao Sok National Park. This place covers  738 sq. km of hundreds-million-year-jungles, picturesque Cheow Lan Lake, towering limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and rich wildlife. Add this Thailand’s largest protected park to your itinerary to enrich your luxury vacations in Thailand with breathtaking nature. 

Beach gateway on the Andaman Coast

The Andaman Sea offers countless sandy beaches with palm trees and azure water. Here, you find Phuket, Thailand’s largest and most well-known island with great viewpoints, interesting night markets, great cuisine, beach bars, Phuket surfing, and impressive temples. Khao Lak is a more quiet place, suitable for families and travelers who want relaxation. Similan Islands are among the most beautiful diving spots in the world, thanks to its diverse marine life, and Koh Lipe, known as Thailand’s Maldives, is a remote dream for couples.

Island hopping on the Gulf of Thailand

Located on the east coast of Southern Thailand, the Gulf of Thailand is perfect for adventurous souls. Hop from the sexy beaches in Koh Samui to Ang Thong National Marine Park with a collection of uninhabited islands and wildlife, Koh Phangan - a mecca of endless full-moon parties, and Koh Tao - a beautiful island full of surprises. When the sun goes down, take part in active nightlife in the beachside restaurants offering Thai seafood and plenty of bars to chill in the stunning sunset views.

Island hopping is always one of should-not-to-be-missed Thailand tours for singles, couples, and families.


Or if you want to learn it more, take a look at our Free Thailand Ultimate Guides, you can have everything you want in hand just after a few minutes.