The ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, Phuket is home to some of the finest beaches in Asia, offering a variety of beach resort destinations, mostly along its West coast, offering a wide variety of accommodation choices to suit every taste and pocket. Although Phuket is a popular destination for international visitors, it still keeps its incredible attraction, with its taste of paradise. Phuket Island of course offers visitors fabulous time relaxing at an authentic tropical paradise you have been dreaming of, but it also provides fine in land tour to discover its long-standing history and beach culture. Now you will forget the date, spending all day swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sunbathing, and relaxing on the fine sunny sandy beach. There's no schedule, no hustle-and-bustle, no reason to be in a hurry. Several of the offshore islands are worth exploring, as indeed is Phuket town with its old Sino Portuguese style architecture that dates back to the island’s tin mining era.