These are the people that work hard to build up and develop Exotic Voyages until now.

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Vu Huy

Vu Huy

Founder & CEO of Exotic Voyages

We want to provide people with the most amazing trips, to destinations they have often never seen and sometimes never heard of. We want to share our destinations, our experiences and for people to love them as much as we do. We also want to let people decide: 
"This is it, this is the trip I want"


They are dedicated executives, brilliant strategists and truly passionate travelers!

Vu Huy

Founder & CEO of Exotic Voyages


An explorer at heart and an accomplished photographer (hint: most of the photos on our website are taken by him).

James Thai

Chief Operations Officer


His thoughtfulness and care are contagious. He believes that the greatest service must come from the happiest team members.

Hoa Tran

Sales Manager


Her passionate curiosity pushes her to find out all the hidden secrets in Southeast Asia.

Mark Sakchiraphong

Regional Manager Thailand


Has an endless passion for luxury hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand.

Hien-Luong Nguyen

Marketing Manager


A bit of a workaholic. You can't stop her when she is doing what she loves!

Huyen Thanh

Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing


Energetic and cheerful, that makes working with her a challenging, fun, and rewarding experience.

Nha Truc

Operation Manager


Careful and detail-oriented, she finds great pleasure in putting things back together precisely as they were planned.

Jintana Wanichrommanee (Nuke)

Operation Manager in Chiang Mai


She loves to connect with people to share good experiences related to local touch, people, culture and cuisine.

Looking For Expert’s Advice For A Luxury Southeast Asia Vacation?

Meet our experts

Tran Thuy (Judy)

Experienced and a little bit of perfectionist, Thuy loves to design the very best trip for clients. She will probably lose sleep over any detail that doesn't go according to the plan.

Hoa Tran

Hoa likes to share everything she has seen with her clients and reveal the secret parts that not many travelers know.

Thuy Linh

She wants to share with the world the marvelous emotions that she has felt while traveling.

Nga Le (Sunny)

Smiles and thanks from customers after each trip always make her day.

Hong Nhung (Lacey)

Lacey believes that traveling would be the best way to connect our souls. That is the reason why she really enjoys spreading her inspiration to her clients and assisting them in creating an unforgettable exploration.

Huyen Trang (Sophiane)

She also enjoys discovering new foods and loves to help her clients to plan culinary adventures.

Thuy Nguyen (Elena)

Elena really looks forward to accompanying you on your journeys.

Mai Phuong (Jenny)

Jenny often said, for her, seeing the joy of customers when using her service is more valuable than many other benefits.

Kien Hoang

After a few years working in Oceania, Kien has decided to make all the way back home to develop his career path.

Huyen Thuong (Jenna)

Wanderlust gene, if it is a real thing, she must be born with that! She loves off-the-beaten-track and always challenges herself in new hiking routes

Thuy Nguyen (Kathy)

Her favorite way to explore a new place is to hop on a scooter and drive around the hidden alleys to see how locals live.

Hai Yen (Jolie)

With a deep love for travel, nature, and cuisine, she is constantly driven to explore new horizons and embrace fresh experiences

Lien Dang (Anna)

The warm heart of Anna makes everyone feel so familiar right the first time.

Giang Nguyen

Giang is filled with positive energy and passion for traveling

Thi Ngo (Kate)

For her, there is no greater reward than seeing her clients return home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Trang Le (Sunny)

Her journey into the realm of travel designing was nothing short of serendipitous, and it all began in the bustling streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Long Hoang (Clyde)

He is delightful to guide others on their own transformative journeys, sharing the joy of exploration and discovery that first ignited his wanderlust.

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