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Although Vientiane is the economic center of Laos, this city on the Mekong River distinguishes itself from the hustle and bustle of other Southeast Asian capitals by its relaxed atmosphere. This delightful capital attracts visitors with its mixture of charming French colonial architecture and traditional Laotians pagodas. Full of great things to see, Buddha Park will amaze any visitor for sure with more than 200 Buddha statues, especially the very beautiful giant lying Buddha stretching 40 meters in length.  Feeling as you are lost in the magical world of Hindu religion, surrounded by incredibly sacred statues will be one of your interesting experiences in the capital of Vientiane. The large number of ancient pagodas and temples that the city has to offer are not to be missed: Be sure to visit Wat Sisaket, which houses over 2,000 ceramic and silver Buddha images, as well as Wat Ho Phakeo, a former royal temple. The city also offers a great choice of restaurants and pavement cafes with French atmosphere and a little different from the architecture of the old Buddhist temples dotted around. But the most special thing Vientiane offers its visitors is a relaxing riverside break where you enjoy spectacular sunset performance of the sun on the Mekong, and you’ll soon feel at home here.

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