Xieng Khouang

The land of mystery, Xieng Khouang Province is located at an average elevation of 1,300 meters. This plateau is home to the country’s highest peak, Phou Bia, reaching 2,819 meters. The UNESCO Plain of Jars, one of the most prominent attractions in Xieng Khouang and all of Laos, attracts tourists for its quirky appearance and enigmatic origin. On the charming bucolic grass fields lie hundreds of mystic jars, like the evidence of the lively history of human beings in the past. Muang Khoun Town was one the capital of the ancient Phuan Kingdom dating to the 14th century. Though heavily bombed during the 2nd Indochina War, there still remain here ruins of two stupas and a temple with a giant Buddha statue. The nature of Xieng Khouang is no less interesting with the 100-meter Kha Waterfall nestled in limestone karts.