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Xieng Khouang

The north-east province of Xieng Khouang whose name in Laos means "Horizontal City” is known for its famous Plain of Jars, one of the most archaeological impressive sights Laos has to offer. The Plain of Jar is located in the main city of the province named Phonsavanh, a laid back and beautiful city not only processes the great landscapes for adventure trips but also incredible sights, pagodas, villages for culture tours. The unique image of the plain of Jars has a 1,000-year-old civilization. On the charming bucolic grass fields are hundreds of mystic jars, like the evidences of the lively history of human beings in the past. Every jar could conceal a secret of our ancestors. Out of the city, visitors will pass through splendid mountain landscapes, visiting local villages and meeting the people. The region has sparse population and the flatness evokes a sense of immensity one doesn’t often feel in South-east Asia. The old capital of the Phouan kingdom which was known for its splendid temples and That Foun – considered as a “‘relics and ashes of Buddha”’ storing place, and Vat Phia vat are waiting for you in the trip to Xieng Khoang.

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