Laos Travel

Laos PDR, which stands for Laos Peoples Democratic Republic, but is more affectionately known simply as Laos Please Don’t Rush. With this is mind, it is easy to understand the local way of life here and the way that it so untouched by modern life and has a charm of a country left alone for so long, creating a laid back lifestyle full of traditions but also to a land full of incredible surprises.

Travel to Laos is to be stunned by the diverse geography with amazing mountains, incredible rivers, lush jungles, and enchanting cities as well as the mystical central plains.

Laos is really home to some incredible sights from its history of Chinese and French influences, offering some amazing architecture blending with the temples and pagodas. Nowhere is this more evident than Vientiane - the capital city built alongside the fabled Mekong River offering stunning sights from this incredible city.

Travel in Laos is about experiencing the heritage of a country and the beliefs the people have. The Southeast Asia most charming city and UNESCO site Luang Prabang may well be the perfect destination. In Laos travel, you can walk around the small streets and if you wish, you can watch the tradition of the monks receiving offerings from the villagers as they make the silent walk through the same streets. With the caves of Pak Ou and amazing  Khuang sy Waterfall also here it is a truly enchanting city.

The lush jungles of the South in Pakse, which you can cruise through, offer you the magic of mixing with elephants and also seeing the change in architecture, here lies a smaller version of Angkor Wat. For many, this is a real exploration and with Southeast Asia highest waterfall Laos has something for all.

With more to discover than meets the eye, let our travel experts create the perfect Laos trips for you through this incredible yet laidback country.