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Undiscovered Thailand: 8 hidden resorts waiting to be found

10 Feb, 2019 | Travel Blog
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Secret destinations in Thailand, do they still exist? Thailand, with its favorable exchange rates, an unfussy tourist visa policy, idyllic beaches, fantastic elephant sanctuaries and world-renowned cuisine attracts millions of travelers every year, which, unfortunately, made it difficult to escape the tourist crowds. However, hidden amidst the lush jungles of Thailand, some of the most gorgeous resorts are waiting to be explored, by you. If you are craving for an enchanted and private getaway that will give you intimate memories lasting for a lifetime, this blog post is made for you.  

1. Keemala Resort & Spa - Phuket, Thailand

It would be a big mistake not mentioning Keemala - one of the most instagrammable resorts in Thailand. The Keemala Resort is located at the top of the greenery of Kamala Beach – the beautiful northwestern coast of Phuket. From the airport, you will take about 45 minutes to drive here. As it is nestled in the lush forests of the wilderness, visitors who come to Keemala can enjoy the tranquility and seclusion beyond the bustling sea.

Nestled in the lush forests of the wilderness

The most impressive part of Keemala resort lies in its unique design as a little rustic village. Coming here, you’ll truly get to feel like Tarzan and Jane, staying in a real-life romantic version of ‘treehouses’.

Bird nest villa

If you’re interested, there’s a spa, healing retreats, bar and restaurant, all for you to indulge in whenever you want. The natural setting of all these facilities also provides a welcome escape from the stress of everyday life, while still providing world-class comforts needed for a relaxing getaway.

A welcome escape from the stress of everyday life

2. Soneva Kiri - Koh Kood, Thailand

Soneva Kiri is a luxury resort surrounded by untamed jungle and pristine beaches on the island of Koh Kood, Thailand. It offers an unrivalled blend of luxury, environmentally friendly design and unforgettable, authentic Thai experiences. Barefoot luxury at its best, Soneva Kiri inspires the imagination, Thai style.

Soneva Kiri is surrounded by untamed jungle and pristine beaches

Soneva Kiri comprises 36 ultra-spacious pool villas located on the idyllic beach or sunny slopes in the rain forest. The impossibly chic furnishings are made of the highest quality sustainable materials, personal electric buggies and impeccable service courtesy.

Tree-house dining room

3. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort - Chiang Rai, Thailand

Anantara Golden triangle occupies an extraordinary position: 160 acres of jungle set out on a hill in the northernmost reaches of Thailand, with dazzling views over the Mekong river into Laos and Burma. However, aside from the nearby Hall of Opium – which offers a surprisingly engaging history of the drug trade in the Golden Triangle – there’s little else to distract you.

160 acres of jungle set out on a hill in the northernmost reaches of Thailand

This majestic resort is also the best place to interact with the Thai calm and mighty elephants. You can learn how to train, feed and bath the elephants. These activities are designed with the help of a conversationalist and elephant scientists to ensure that no harm is done to this animal.

Ethical Elephant Interaction

Inferior Design

4. Four Seasons Tented Camp – Chiang Rai, Thailand

Bordering Myanmar and Laos, you’ll find 15 luxury tents set on a hill in the countryside of Chiang Rai. Accessible only by river boat you’re set amidst exotic bamboo jungles where a spectacular safari-style experience awaits.

Four Seasons Tented Camp

Interact with rescued elephants, explore spectacular mountain trails or bamboo jungles and unwind in luxury tents. Let the 19th-century explorer’s spirit in you come to life – while enjoying the total privacy and blissful luxury.

Interior designs evoking a feeling of 19th-century adventure expeditions

5. Bangkok Tree House - Bangkok, Thailand

The Bangkok Treehouse is located on Bang Krachao, a peninsula on the western side of the Chao Phraya River, some 15 miles south from downtown Bangkok. It can only be reached by boat and bicycle, or on foot. And the best way to explore this hidden area is by bicycle.

Bangkok Tree House

The Bangkok Treehouse is a unique boutique property that lives off more than its remote location. The twelve bungalows, or “nests”, are dispersed over three levels with roof top access and breathtaking views. They are also lined with dense vegetation, offer maximum privacy. This is a great romantic retreat for couples.

A great romantic retreat for couples

6. Lisu Lodge - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lisu Lodge is a 90-minute drive north of Chiang Mai and is part of a community-based project to conserve the heritage of the Lisu hill-tribe.

The overview of Lisu Lodge

It’s a unique beacon of sustainability that welcomes visitors into the community and even into locals’ homes for tea. Guests learn about Lisu customs and culture and are introduced to skilled artisans producing traditional embroidery and silverware.

Guests are invited into locals’ homes for tea

7. 500 Rai Farm House - Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Boasting overwater bungalows on the Ratchaprapha reservoir (Cheow Lan Lake), 500 Rai Floating Resort lies in a midst of natural surroundings. This land-based resort is surrounded by the largest area of protected rainforest in southern Thailand, which highlights the pristine beauty of Khao Sok’s forest and animals.

500 Rai Floating Resort lies in a midst of natural surroundings

The exclusive new property has 6 spacious rooms that can accommodate a total of 22 people, a swimming pool, and an organic garden on the premises. Guests will get the best of both worlds as Valley Resort boasts a central location with unrivaled privacy.

Enjoy the panoramic view with unrivaled privacy

8. River Kwai Jungle Rafts - Kanchanaburi, Thailand

With no electricity and its location on a wild, remote stretch of the river, the magical River Kwai Jungle Rafts, which was first opened in 1978, is an escape in the truest sense.

Unique location

All floating rooms are tucked into a floating bamboo lodge moored along the historic River Kwai Noi surrounded by lush green mountains and jungle. At the floatel, the historic River Kwai Noi flows underneath your bed. The walls are weaved from local bamboo decorated with wooden furniture reflecting Mon living style.

All rooms are tucked into a floating bamboo lodge moored along the historic River Kwai Noi

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