Where to spend Valentine's Day in Vietnam?

19 Jan, 2024 | Travel Experience

Valentine in Vietnam promises to be an intrinsic experience for lovers, one that can be especially beautiful.

Valentine's Day is a time when hearts flutter with anticipation, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of romance. A vacation to a dream destination that facilitates the flourishment and permanence of loving, is needed. Enters Vietnam, a land with numerous lust-inducing destinations, promising sweethearts an unforgettably exotic Valentine’s day. Read on to pick out an ideal city for enjoying your Valentine in Vietnam

Da Nang - Sunny, sexy beach city

Da Nang - Perfect for both 'chuting and smooching

Looking for a tropical Valentine? Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam, known for its beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. With its unique backdrop consisting of lush mountains, pristine beaches and modern constructions, the city is beautiful to a fault. But apart from its renowned beaches, which are hailed to be some of the most beautiful in the world, the city has more to offer. As a perfect blend of nature and modernity, Da Nang boasts a fairly impressive modern infrastructure system, acting as a foundation for numerous premium hotels, resorts (most with impeccable and lust-inducing beach views) and entertainment establishments. Moreover, the city is close to Ba Na Hills, another vibrant theme park. In spite of all these modern amenities, living up to their reputation, the exhilarating beaches constantly call for you. They make you yearn to immediately put on your swimming trunks, two-pieces, feel the smooth, hot sand under your soles as you run towards the crystal cool, clear seawater, and dive into the glittering, sun-kissed waves. Overall, Da Nang is one constantly fun and sexy Valentine destination.

The nightlife here is flashy (as expected) but also relatively civil.

Romantic things to do in Danang:

  • Go on the Sun Wheel in the Asia Park, top 5 biggest ferris wheels in the world
  • Go to Ba Na Hills via the cable car and enjoy the majestic view of Da Nang from high above
  • Go on a Dinner Cruise at Han River
  • Have a dinner picnic at the beach

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Da Lat - Cool and cozy hill city

Da Lat - Hearts on the hill

Looking for somewhere cold and rather peaceful? Referred to as the "City of Eternal Spring," Da Lat offers a refreshing escape with its flower-filled gardens, serene lakes, and rolling hills - finished with a light but widespread layer of fog. Even the fun activities in Da Lat are romantic: waterfall climbing, forest trekking and nature camping, all complement the love-inducing vibrations of this city. But it’s not just those appealing characteristics that define this city; rather, what truly does, is the mist of sleepy loveliness that blankets the place throughout every line and corner. This mist is one of tenderness, and it isn’t instant; it doesn’t hit you right when you’ve stepped forth, but seeps through inside your mind. Da Lat sedates you by waking up your deepest romantic desires and needs, turns who you have into who you’ll do everything to keep. So, this is the place for an all-around sweet Valentine trip.

The nightlife here is pretty rare, but you’ll most likely be too lovestruck for dubstep anyway.

Romantic things to do in Da Lat:

  • Stroll leisurely around Lam Vien square
  • Go pick Da Lat strawberries
  • Visit Valley of love
  • Go camping and cloud-seeing on Thien Phuc Duc hill

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Hanoi - Charmingly retro capital city

Hanoi - Flaming sunset over West Lake water

Looking for a place that is retro and filled with nostalgic charm? Hanoi, the vibrant and historic capital city, seamlessly blends centuries of rich history with bustling modernity. Steeped in tradition and located in the heart of Hanoi, the famous Old Quarter exudes lively charm with its ceaseless streets, busy restaurants, and constant streams of workers and travelers. Combined with pristine lakes and French-style architectural influence spread throughout the city, staying in Hanoi feels like living in a beautiful and old photograph. From the majestic Opera house to the endlessly pleasing West Lake, Hanoi subliminally guides you through its beautifully aged Eastern charm. And with your lover by your side, it will be like living in a forever-good memory you’ve never had. Moreover, Hanoi’s fantastic traditional cuisine will seal the deal like fillings inside a spring roll. Therefore, if you want your Valentine in Vietnam to be something that lingers even when you get older, Hanoi is it.

In spite of its retro-ness however, when it comes to nightlife, Hanoi is loud and pretty brash.

Romantic things to do in Hanoi:

  • Rent a motorbike and travel around the city (if you are an experienced biker)
  • Go on a street food tour in the old quarters
  • Go for a walk on pedestrian streets on the weekends
  • Enjoy a Pho cocktail in one of the busiest area in Hanoi 

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Hoi An - Fairy tale-like beauty

Hoi An - Ancient Town coming alive

Looking for a city with pure aesthetic allure? Hoi An is a captivating destination known for its well-preserved ancient architecture and enchanting atmosphere. Hoi An flares with its foreign-inspired style, dreamily-decorated streets, and an idyllic ambiance that blurs time. The crown jewel of the entire city, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed town, Hoi An Ancient Town casts a stay-here-forever spell on travelers. You will be entranced by its endless rows of elegant yellow houses, sitting along a pretty, narrow stone road, all infused with the aura of timeless beauty and scent of Hoi An lovely cuisine. There’s a reason why it’s easy to find foreigners, ex-travelers, who had decided to make Hoi An their forever home; the city is too pretty to pass. So, if you want a Valentine destination that’s just aethestically and atmospherically addictive, this is it..

And as you may have guessed, Hoi An nightlife is vibrant but easy-going.

Romantic things to do in Hoi An:

  • Cycle around the ancient town and to the outskirts
  • Light up candles and put them down on a paper boat to flow on the Thu Bon river
  • Walk through and go shopping in the ancient town

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Hue - Pure romance

Hue - Pretty ladies dressed in colorful Ao Dai

Hue - Pretty ladies in vibrant hues

What about a melancholy Valentine in Vietnam? Another Unesco-Heritage site, Hue, a city dense with cultural heritage and imperial history, is inarguably one of the most romantic cities in Southeast Asia. The city is set along the Huong River, adding glitter to its already thoroughly breathtaking beauty. Through every street, by every building, and at every moment, Hue shines with with its addictive elegance, one that can be likened to the smooth flat of a white Ao Dai, donned by a pretty girl on a mildly sunny morning. But the weather doesn’t have to be good for Hue to be good. When it rains, Hue, with its idle imperial palace and graceful streets in the backdrop, seems to fade away and into a beautifully lonely feeling, one that makes you instinctively hold your lover tighter. Additionally, Hue’s cuisine, renowned as one of the best in the world, a cuisine so good that it sometimes induces lust in the eater. Overall, Hue is a deeply romantic Valentine destination, fitting for those who are passionately affectionate.

The nightlife in Hue is pretty diverse, where you can find whichever style that suits your feelings most.

Romantic things to do in Hue:

  • Go on a Dinner Cruise at Huong River
  • Visit majestic imperial buildings
  • Walk along the Huong River to admire the sparkling beauty of Truong Tien Bridge at night
  • Travel around the city and take in its imperial, old capital city design (preferably when it rains)

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