Hoi An

The charming ancient town of Hoi An, Quang Nam Province in south central Vietnam, is awarded as a World Heritage Site because of the well preservation of ancient architecture and its example as a trading port. The quaint cobblestone streets are home to some 2-century-old Chinese houses. Visitors can visualize the trading for spices, silk and porcelain that took place among merchants from India, Europe, Japan during the 16th to 19th centuries in this riverside town, and can engage in some trading of their own in Hoi An’s bustling market and shops, including made-to-measure clothing. It is famous for the attractive images of colorful handmade lanterns in the traditional shops along the narrow streets. Some other sites that will please the visitor include the Japanese Bridge, the Chinese Temple and Phung Hung Chinese-style trading house. Hoi An with its unique gorgeous beauty is the favorite place of many visitors who travel to Vietnam, many of them say that although they return here several times, Hoi An always attracts them like love at first sight. Especially, in the Full moon day each month, the ancient town is incredibly sparkling in with the candle lights on the river and colors of silk lanterns on the streets. It maybe the memorable sight of the life time!