Soneva Kiri - A Venture into Intelligent Luxury

26 Nov, 2021 | Travel Blog

Want tropical island vibes and slow the pace of life? Soneva Kiri is the right place.

Koh Kood is the easternmost island and the fourth largest island in Thailand. It is obviously not a party island, rather a slow-paced village lifestyle. Huge parts of it remain undeveloped. The water is perfectly clear, the unspoiled beaches are backed by palm trees and coconut forests, the atmosphere is unhurried, Koh Kood exudes a sense of serenity, seclusion, and adventure by all means.

All accommodations in Koh Kood offer something for everyone. There is a mix of ramshackle bungalows and luxurious resorts. Among them, Soneva Kiri is like a slide of paradise. Nearly 300 kilometers from Bangkok, the journey to Soneva Kiri starts with an 80-minute flight from Bangkok to a neighboring island. From there, you take a speedboat over to the resort. 

Barefood Luxury Vibes

34 luxurious villas are either at the beachfront or on the hillsides, run from one to six bedrooms, boasting enormous living areas from 403 to 2,928sqm. Each of the villas features a private infinity pool, remarkable ocean view, elegant chic furnishings, large windows inviting natural light into the rooms, and of course, a lot of space to unwind. Open-air bathrooms deliver a sense of tropical island gateway. 

Soneva Kiri boasts spacious villas that are ranked among the world’s largest hotel accommodations.

Floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural light

Stunning view over the Gulf of Thailand from the generous deck of your luxury villa.

For those who want to settle into this rain forest oasis, swim in gorgeous blue waters, and enjoy the breathtaking sunset from the generous deck, Soneve Kiri offers a 20% reduction on its villa rate from now to December 17, 2022. Guests will have their own Barefoot butler to take care of their every need and unlimited ice creams, chocolates, and deli items throughout their stay.

Culinary Experience At Its Finest

Served up in the stunning views over the Gulf of Thailand, four restaurants offer organic gourmet experiences, ranging from traditional Thai food to Nikkei cuisine - a fusion of flavors from Japan and Peru. The highlight is the Down to Earth menu. Chef Umed Singh takes dinners through his newest six-course dining menu with the finest selection of authentic Indian dishes. He brings to life the exotic flavors with stories of the powerful Indian Empires in their glorious past.

The new menu 'Down to Earth' takes dinners through a gastronomic adventure of authentic Indian food.

Chef Umed Singh is a great story-teller

Those who prefer plant-based cuisine would love to embark on a vegan culinary journey into the Colors of Garden. Seven plant-based dishes come from organic fruits and vegetables that much of which are literally grown in Soneva Kiri’s garden. A gastronomic experience at its finest! 

Customers will visit Soneva Kiri's garden to learn about the vegetables that are part of the 7-course tasting menu

One-of-a-kind Beach Experience

If you love playing around in and on the water, Soneva is perfect for you. The resort hosts secluded and private South Beach with crystal clear, clean water and an excellent selection of water sports, including catamaran sailing, sea kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Get your toes in the sand of the private south beach...

... or have fun with a lot of water activities that Soneva has to offer

For a one-of-a-kind experience, guests can set sail on a wooden fishing boat to explore a new different unspoiled beach, blue lagoons, and the tropical mangroves every day for a week. When the boat anchors, it turns into a private beach club complete with comfortable bean bags for lounging, kayaks, and paddleboards for exploring for coastline, and a private chef who prepares gourmet lunch on board. If 7 days is a bit long for you, this tour can be tailored to give you the freedom to choose from a one-day cruise to a full seven-day excursion.

Sail on a traditional fishing boat in 7 days to explore Koh Kood islands and beaches

Paddle to explore the coastline, untouched lagoons, and pristine nature on your own.

Add Soneva Kiri to your Thailand trips or let Exotic Voyages take you to the most enchanting luxury travel destinations in Southeast Asia.


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