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Private Luxury Thailand Tours & Escorted Thailand Vacation Packages


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100% tailor made journeys with top-notch local guides

Are you looking for a luxury tour to Thailand? While Thailand is famous for its golden riverside temples and palaces, beautiful beaches and dense forests with a great selection of high-end accommodations; do you know many of Thailand’s most magical sights and activities are off the beaten path? At Exotic Voyages, we design private Thailand tours that take you away from the masses discovering the hidden places most travelers rarely get to witness, and always ensuring the levels of comfort and luxury meet your expectations.

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Villa Hopping Through Phuket, Thailand James Bond Style

I have used many travel companies in the past during my voyages and have usually had problems, but this company knows how to treat first class travelers and offers up unique, high-end properties. They also custom craft your daily itinerary at a moment’s notice should you want to discover something different.

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Whatever you want, wherever you desire to go, let us be there for you every step of the way. Our Travel Experts will listen to your preferences and find the perfect tour for you.


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A visit to temple after dark accompanied by a royal expert? A candlelit dinner by a waterfall on one of the finest islands of Phuket? Or get right up close and personal with beautiful wildlife? Whatever you seek, we can tailor a luxury Thailand vacation package to suit you perfectly.  

Guided Private Thailand Tours That Are Made Just for You

The beauty of this exotic country is that there are so many things to see and do. So much so that no two travelers are the same. You may be intrigued by the historical sites and wonderful palaces of Chiang Mai, while someone else may be keen to experience the bustling nightlife in Bangkok.

Unlike your typical travel agents, we like to approach our Thailand private tours differently. We'll listen to your every need, planning the perfect tour for you. Tell us the main things you want to see, the areas you want to travel around, and we'll construct a trip that meets your every need. Not only will this provide you with a brilliant Thailand tour, but it also means you get more value for money as well.

Why spend your hard earned cash on tours to Thailand that only take you to a few places? Why waste your time looking at sights or scenes that don't interest you - or that you've seen before? With our guided tours of Thailand, we take your needs into account. Let us sculpt the ideal tour, so you get more for your money and have a holiday that lives long in the memory!

Choose Your Daily Itinerary on Our Private Luxury Thailand Tours

We've set travelers up with so many unbelievable luxury Thailand tours. Some of our customers have gone villa hopping from Bangkok to Phuket. Others like to explore the jungles of Chiang Mai or see the world-famous Phi Phi Islands.

Every day is different, and you are in control of your fate. We give you complete and utter control over everything you do each and every day. If you want to change your daily itinerary on the spot, then you can. It's entirely up to you, but we're always on hand to provide some suggestions.

Local Guides Make Our Escorted Guided Thailand Tours Extra Special

Some Thailand escorted tours put you in a big group of people while you're led around by a so-called travel expert. Usually, your tour guide is someone who's just reading a bunch of information off a printed sheet they got online!

This is where our Thailand guided tours differ.

We employ local people to be your guides during our tours. They have a rich knowledge of the area; they understand the history, the culture, and they know all the hidden gems. It helps you enjoy a deeper experience during your luxury Thailand vacation as you're led by someone who's actually from the country. They can answer all your questions, provide the best advice, and make your holiday extra special.

What Are the Benefits of Local Guides for Thailand Tours?

By choosing local guides, we believe it brings you the following benefits:

  • More knowledge of Thailand and the surrounding area
  • An understanding of the culture
  • They know all the best places to visit
  • Provide better advice on what to do and where to eat
  • Take you to secluded or hidden places that only locals know about
  • Helps you appreciate the country more

So, if you're looking for the best guided tours of Thailand from the USA, then you need to consider ours. With a local guide by your side, there's no end to the amazing experiences you can enjoy. Plus, it feels like a more private and exclusive experience too. The guide is yours; no one else's! So, you can feel more comfortable around them, rather than feeling like a small part of a big group.


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