11 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Consider Traveling To Khanom Beach, Thailand

31 Jan, 2019 | Travel Blog

Khanom beach is located in the Gulf of Thailand, where is famous for Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Therefore, it’s understandable to be drawn to the two touristic islands and bypass this hidden gem. Scroll down to find out more reasons to do so. 

1. This town is only 800 years old


Khanom town was a big center for sea-trade in the reign of King U-thong. But nowadays, at the age of 800, it is just a sleepy town with fishing villages, rubber, and coconut plantations. 

2. It’s boring without noisy groups of tourists

  Distance and the lack of a local airport have kept Khanom off the mass tourism. It’s quiet, remote, and boring. There are no tuk-tuks, no crowds, no loud music, no go-go bars. That means there are no crazy party scenes as you often see on the other beaches of Thailand: You are traveling to a less known destination. No fun at all. 

3. It lacks of high-end resorts...

This place is in the first stage of resort development. There is only a few buildings and resorts up and down the beach. All of them have built low-rise and back from the sand leaving the beach as natural as it has been for ages.

4. … and the most beautiful resort isn’t so special

You won’t see many beautiful hotels and resorts along 9-kilometer beach of Khanom. Aava Resort and Spa might be the most luxurious on the solitude Nadan beach. Without beach parties and tourist places, this resort looks ordinary with bean bags and lounge chairs under the sheer canopy.

5. Locals know very little about tourism

Because Khanom has seen only small numbers of tourists, the locals know very little about tourism. They don’t show too much enthusiasm toward visitors. They just let you be yourself.

6. This beach doesn’t have paradise views

Any beach can beat this beach. You can’t find a paradise beach view but grainy golden-tan sand with an array of seashells along the coastline and cloudy water.

7. Don’t expect a romantic sunset

Does anyone see any romance in this sunset of the Khanom beach? It’s definitely not a scene that you want to cuddle with your sweetheart.

8. The Khao Sok National Park nearby doesn’t have anything to see

You might hear some of your friends complimented the Khao Sok National Park that is 190 kilometers away from Khanom. But it is unexceptional and just like many parks out there. I don’t see any spectacular in its natural landscape.

9. It is bored to death when there is only you on the beach

Unaffected by tourism, this place is so quiet that sometimes you see your family the only people being on the beach.

10. The ugly pink dolphin

The pink dolphin is the symbol of Khanom beach. You can meet them when the sea is quiet. To tell you the truth, I think they look ridiculous comparing to the normal dolphins

11. Only a fool thinks tree tunnels beautiful

There are many rubber tree plantations in the area. They create tree tunnels that are uninspiring for any photographer.

Khanom is not for everyone, though. Travelers who love busy nightlife Khanom is definitely not for them. But if you are after a pristine, peace, and solitude beach stay, Khanom gets close to being a perfect destination. Check out our tour to discover more about Khanom and to be happy to know that Thailand still has such hidden gems in store.  

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