Co-founding Avana Retreat, Exotic Voyages Longs For Authentic Mountain Experiences And True Nature Escape

04 Apr, 2022 | Travel Blog

With privacy, spectacular mountain landscapes, and authentic tribal culture, Avana Retreat is a place to escape to nature and press reset. A place to find your natural self in a tranquil environment. 

In the last two years, when the country closed its borders, Exotic Voyages owners decided to not ‘hibernate’ but to spend time creating a mountain retreat that represents a deep connection between nature, people, and tribal culture. Their wish is to bring Vietnamese beautiful nature and true mountain experiences to visitors from all over the world while helping a hand in preserving the authenticity of Vietnamese culture. With this concept in mind, Avana Retreat was born. And Exotic Voyages is proud to be its co-founder. 

Co-founding Avana Retreat, Exotic Voyages wants to present authentic mountain experiences and a true nature escape to its clients.

Nestled privately amidst spectacular mountain landscapes, Avana Retreat offers a place to escape and press reset to nature lovers.

Beautifully set on a mountainside in northern Vietnam, Avana Retreat offers 36 gorgeous bungalows, suites, and pool villas. Each boasts spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, and terraced rice fields. The retreat’s secluded location ensures ultimate privacy while its 15-hectare area gives plenty of space to roam. Guests can truly enjoy the uninterrupted views of pristine nature from the infinity pool, from an Orchid Spa running along a murmuring stream, or view the idyllic scene of ethnic Hmong working on the fields. All are the perfect antidote for stressful living in urban environments. The staff is mainly ethnic people enriching Avana experiences with their dedication and local knowledge.

Since its opening in late April 2021, Avana has welcomed more than 10,500 domestic visitors and ex-pats. It was awarded as Asia's Leading Retreat 2021 & 2022 by the noble World Travel Awards, two years in a row. Now, Avana Retreat has become a premier destination for luxury travel, an eco-friendly environment, and nature-based experiences. 

Thirty-six bungalows, suites, and private pool villas, perched on the mountainside showcase the talent of local artists with earth walls and thatched roofs.

The infinity pool looks over paddy fields, cloud-covered mountain peaks, and dreamy valleys.

Let the sounds of nature sweep you gently to Orchid Spa. 

Inspired by ethnic architecture with earth walls and thatched roofs, Avana looks like a Thai village hiding behind the green foliage of the mountain. Ranging from 98sqm to 229sqm, each of the elegant accommodations is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive balcony that allows guests to take in the natural surroundings. Three Senna Hilltop Villas also feature an outdoor heated private pool. Most importantly, not a single tree was cut during the construction. 

Each room opens to a timeless mountain landscape with inviting sights and sounds of nature.

The bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass delivers a sense of luxury tropical getaway

Thanks to its diverse landscape, Avana Retreat offers a truly unique experience in Vietnam. Open for private dinner, the Pung waterfall is accessible via a long wooden bridge that is lit by candles. A delicious seven-course menu provides guests an opportunity to experience gourmet fine cuisine served by a private chef. 

Fill your heart with love and romance in the serenade of nature.

“I want to do a green business that prioritizes the environment and local community. I don’t want to develop it massively, leading to the smashing of traditional culture,” said Vu Huy, CEO of Exotic Voyages and Avana Retreat’s co-founder. “Located remotely, there isn’t any tourist hotspot in the surroundings but I believe like-minded people like Exotic Voyages’ customers who value authentic culture and sustainable efforts will love to come to Avana Retreat. Not only because of its beautiful tranquillity but also because of the experiences it has to offer. They come to visit a traditional Thai Stilt house that has been transformed into a museum. They come to stroll under shady trees, sit by a waterfall, and listen to water streaming through stones. They come to share small talk with the locals and smile on a beautiful day. Happiness sometimes is just that simple.”


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