5 Best Nature-Oriented Resorts in Southeast Asia

22 Feb, 2024 | A-> Z Guide

Experience the beauty of nature and the sumptuous comfort of a world-class stay in these nature-oriented resorts in Southeast Asia.

On a trip to Southeast Asia, the beaches, rainforests, and mountains offer an escape from the hectic pace of city life. Picturesque views, beautiful flora and fauna, and a sense of seclusion await you as you hike, climb, and enjoy other outdoor activities.

At the end of a day out in nature, however, you will want to kick back and relax. But you do not have to leave nature behind—even if you are staying in a city. 

There are many 5-star resorts throughout the region, but these luxury resorts in Southeast Asia stand out for their ability to integrate the essence of nature into every guest’s stay. In fact, you might even consider traveling to their locations just to try them out!

1. Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

The Four Seasons Resort (The Nam Hai) in Hoi An places you close to several UNESCO sites with a convenient location in the city. But this luxury resort will make you feel like you are in your own private paradise. Guests stay in individual villas with separate little houses for the bedrooms and bathrooms. Bamboo and other lush foliage around each villa ensure you have the privacy and space you need to truly relax and enjoy your stay.

While at Four Seasons Resort, you can also take advantage of a tea house, swimming pool, and access to the resort’s private beach. 

Moreover, The Nam Hai operates sustainably and supports the local community. You can enjoy the beauty of native plants such as spider lilies and coconut palms as you explore the grounds. A team of 60 local gardeners tends these plants, and the coconuts from the palms are harvested for use in cuisine at the resort. So, along with the sights of nature, you can truly experience its flavors at The Nam Hai. 

2. Komaneka at Keramas Beach

On the southeast shore of Bali is a one-of-a-kind resort called Komaneka at Keramas Beach, referred to by the company that runs it as “The Soul of Bali by The Sea.” Its location looks out over the island Nusa Penida in the Indian Ocean, as well as the majestic volcanic peak of Mount Agung. 

There are ample green spaces to enjoy during your stay at Komaneka at Keramas Beach in Southeast Asia. The landscaping features wide-open grass to offer expansive ocean views, but sufficient trees to break up the horizon and offer a lush greenery vibe. 

The architecture and interior design of the resort are elegant, classic, and minimalistic, emphasizing the pristine natural surroundings while still creating an atmosphere of inviting comfort and luxury. As with the landscaping, Komaneka has achieved an ideal balance through its choice of materials and styles.  

The resort receives high marks for sustainability, serving local foods, and investing in the community. Guests particularly praise the five different open-air restaurants throughout the resort property. From your table at any of these restaurants, you’ll be able to see the gardens and rainforest, forming the perfect natural backdrop to memories that will last long after the meals are finished. 

3. Song Saa Private Island

Just off the coast of Koh Rong in Cambodia, you can reserve a stay at Song Saa Private Island, sometimes referred to as Cambodia’s own Maldives. Few other luxury resorts in Southeast Asia can compete with this one.

This is the ultimate island getaway for anyone who wants to experience the utmost comfort while being fully immersed in the tropical island Eden. 

Choose from any of 24 villas in the jungle, along the beach, or even constructed directly over the water. When you awaken in the morning, the ocean will be right outside your door! You can sunbathe on your private terrace or jump right off of it into crystal clear, refreshing turquoise waters. Nothing is between you and the endless horizon. 

For that matter, you do not even need to wear sandals anywhere on the resort grounds. Under your feet at every moment are the warm sands of the island.

Plus, since this is a private island, you do not need to worry about crowds of tourists coming and going to interrupt your Southeast Asia vacation. The only other people at the resort are the other guests and staff. That means that you get to experience nature free of bustle, noise, or interruptions.

If you are looking for even more ways to engage with nature during your stay at Song Saa Private Island, you can book tours to go sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. You can even head out on a boat for a guided tour after dark to see the ocean aglow with bioluminescent plankton! For most visitors, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

4. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

We have already shared one Four Seasons resort with you—but there is another you have to experience on your Southeast Asia vacation called Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle. As the name suggests, this resort is located in the region of Thailand known as the “Golden Triangle.” 

A booking at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is a private safari to a miniature kingdom of luxury amid lush jungle, roaring rivers, and mountains wreathed in luminous mist. The resort is only forty-five miles from Chiang Rai, but all the amenities you could ask for are right at the lodgings.

As a glamping experience, you get to stay in a tent! But these are no ordinary tents. They are made out of sturdy fabric and feature sidewalls you can open or close as suits you. That means you are directly connected with the wonders of nature, but you can still shelter yourself against the breeze or precipitation if needed. The furnishings, décor, and materials all complement the natural environment, creating the ultimate safari atmosphere.

Don’t fancy staying in a tent during your Southeast Asia vacation? There is also a lodge located at the resort that offers additional rooms with fantastic views of the trees and mountains.

You will be glad to learn that Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle not only surrounds you with nature but protects it. The resort runs programs to reduce waste, minimize its carbon footprint, and support the community. They even work to rescue elephants with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. 

5. Avana Retreat

While you are on your Vietnam vacation, plan on spending a few nights at Avana Retreat in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh Province. This extraordinary resort allows you to relax on 15 hectares of private land high up on a forested hillside. From your room, you can gaze out over the surrounding hills, delighting in dense foliage, rice terraces, and fields of grass.

Avana Retreat was founded on the principles of preservation; the founders bought the land specifically to ensure it would be safeguarded against mass development. In fact, Avana’s owners even took steps to re-forest the land. 

The very construction of the thirty-six villas pays homage to local tradition, incorporating the time-honored craftsmanship and techniques of local ethnic groups. The walls are earthen and the roofs and ceilings combine woven rattan and palm leaves for natural, all-season comfort. The resort mainly employs locals who used to work in the rice fields you can see from your room. The resort’s cuisine also is made using ingredients sourced locally and seasonally for delicious, sustainable meals.

There are graceful waterfalls and peaceful lagoons right at the retreat, inviting you to bask in nature’s serene splendor. If you are looking for a soothing spa treatment, or you wish to take meditation or yoga classes, you can do so at Orchid Spa, which features a waterfall, a koi pond, and stunning views of the forested surroundings. The experience will refresh and invigorate you, body, mind, and spirit. Even among nature resorts in Southeast Asia, there truly is no other resort that coexists as harmoniously with nature and the surrounding communities as Avana. 

Book a Stay at Any of These Nature-Oriented Resorts in Southeast Asia

Wherever you are headed, many spectacular 5-star resorts in Southeast Asia will keep you close to nature. To find the best ones for your next Southeast Asia vacation, design your trip with Exotic Voyages. The ocean, jungles, mountains, rice fields, and gardens of SE Asia await you, along with comfortable beds, delicious locally sourced cuisine, and luxurious pools. 

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