Thailand's Untouched Beaches That You Should Visit At Least Once In Life

31 Jan, 2023 | Secrets Untold

These are not party islands, but you will always find some rustic bars to have some nice chats while staying away the crowd.

Have you ever found yourself longing to be away on a trip to escape the busy city life? Somewhere beautiful with a tranquil ambiance and a slow pace of life. Somewhere that is no traffic noise, no massive crowds, and of course, no high-rise apartment blocks. Where it’s just you and nature. 

Then you drive south Thailand to the paradise destinations of soaring limestone islands, white sandy bays, turquoise beaches, and hidden lagoons to indulge in. The abundance of budget, mid-range, and luxurious accommodation options, fresh seafood, and succulent street food sold at a pretty cheap price make Thailand beach vacation is easy than any other place in the world.

That's no surprise that many of Thailand's popular islands are under the pressure of mass tourism, but the kingdom still has hundreds of quiet islands for those who are in search of calm, especially for couples who are looking for classic romantic destinations for their honeymoon trip in Thailand. You will see in the below map 10 untouched beaches we've carefully picked up for you to explore. Save the map for your later use and free contact us if you have questions about any Thailand beaches.

Scroll down to understand why they are on our list. All of them are mesmerizing destinations with emerald seas that sparkle in the daylight.

1. Kluai Beach, Koh Kood

Although Koh Kood is one of the biggest islands in Thailand, it only has a population of 1,500, making it an untouched paradise to stay away from the crowd. One of Koh Kood’s gems is Kluai beach.

Kluai is still barely developed compared to many other beaches in Thailand. With crystal clear water, white-golden sand, rocky coastline, and swaying palm trees, the color here is so vibrant that it’s almost unreal. There is a hidden gem in the jungle called Klong Chao Waterfall which cascades throughout the year and provides an idyllic swimming spot. Don’t forget to spend time spotting marine life and reefs which are not been touched by mass tourism yet.

Insider tip: Kulai beach is very small - approximately 300 meters but it has one of the most gorgeous sunrises on the island. 

2. Ao Yai Beach, Koh Phayam

Famous for the densely located forest as well as long white sandy beaches, Koh Phayam has been considered Koh Samui but 3 decades ago without cars and ATMs. Ao Yai - one of the best beaches in Koh Phayam and home to a peaceful environment is a place to stay away from our busy everyday life. 

Not only pleasing visitors with stunning sunsets, but surfing is also a fantastic way to enjoy Ao Yai. Visit Wat Ko Phayam -  the one and only temple on this island with a big gold-painted Buddha statue sitting on the top of the hill. Other statues, Kuan Yin- goddess of mercury, and four guards are placed below. From November and March, you might be lucky to watch the migration of birds.

Insider tip: The long, clean, sandy beach in Ao Yai is safe for children. From mid-October to mid-December, waves can be up to a 1.5-meter height which is suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers (if surfing is your love, we have 10 destinations in Southeast Asia to catch a wave)

3. Thong Nai Pan Yai & Thong Nai Pan Noi, Koh Phangan

In spite of being located in the northwest of the infamous Koh Phangan - a destination that is always in island hopping tours that only a few travelers miss, Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi are beautifully secluded twins that make them become legendary destinations for those who like to have unforgettable experiences. Huge granite borders, hidden spectacular waterfalls, towering palm trees, crystal clear water, and untouched beaches are everything you find in this heaven on earth.

After fully exploring the beach, take time to visit the splendid Wang Thong Waterfall and Than Prawes Waterfall in the jungle. To enjoy the local lifestyle, go to Thong Sala night market where you can try abundant Thai cuisine, especially seafood.

Insider tip: Thong Nai Pan Yai is calmer than Thong Nai Pan Noi. Both are suitable for small kids as the waves are low and the water is very nice.

4. Golden Buddha Beach, Koh Phra Thong

With a length of approximately 10 kilometers, the Golden Buddha Beach stretches from southwest Koh Phra to Golden Buddha Beach Resort which is closely located in the center of the west coast. Not only facing the blue Andaman Sea but the beach itself is also lined with tropical flowers and trees in order to endow you with exceptional vitality.

The beach which is lined with trees and tropical flowers to compliment the untouched nature is perfect for soaking up the sun. From here, you can visit Phra Thong Bay which is home to Hornbill Hill or Richelieu Rock - one of the world’s top dive sites.

Insider tip: Golden Buddha beach is named after a Thai legend. A golden buddha statue was stolen and then buried on the beach which was never found.

5. Koh Kradan Island

Close to the Trang mainland, Koh Libong, and Ko Muk. Koh Kradan is one of the most isolated places in this tropical country. There is no police station, no medical facilities, no road, and no ATM for you, so it’s suitable for a day trip. You had better carefully checked the weather before going as this place is closed during the monsoon season.

The beach itself is more or less 2 kilometers that are populated with coconut palms and smooth white sand. The 50-meter offshore coral reef and eye-catching limestone formations bring you a relaxing atmosphere or fascinating materials for fancy photos. The majority of Koh Kradan is under the jurisdiction of the Hat Chao Mai National Park - a park of marine life that covers 2 districts of Sikao and Kantang.  

Insider tip: There are neither shopping facilities nor ATMs. Bring as much cash as you think you need before visiting.

6. Tubkaak Beach, Krabi

The exotic, tropical beach (Thailand has many) is always one of the top reasons to allure travelers from all over the world to travel to Thailand. Located on the western edge of the Krabi region and between the north of Klong Muang and Ao Nang, Tubkaak Beach or Tup Kaek is the right destination for those who would like to get away from the noisy crowd thanks to its perfect tranquility.

Adventurers can follow the trails through a Kao Hang Nak rainforest which belongs to Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. One of them will lead you to the Dragon Crest Mountain Viewpoint offering a panoramic view over the wonderful Krabi Province. Some who prefer to slow down can take daily strolls on white sand beaches or swim in clear, warm ocean water to become unbusy and enjoy life.

Insider tip: When the tide is low (from 4 PM), it’s great to have a walk on the clean sandy beach and watch hundreds of tiny crabs crawling on the sand. They will disappear as you walk toward them.

7. Koh Lao Liang

Located on one of the country’s best-kept islands secrets - Koh Lao Liang or ‘Little Brother Island’ faces east with pristine tropical water and white sand offering sunrise views to Koh Sukorn. You will be amazed by the clear water which blends into azure and emerald blue once you reach the hard coral. Hence, this place is perfect for a unique and back-to-nature eco-getaway.

Those who want to embark on exciting adventures will love vertical limestone cliffs that resemble Railay and Koh Phi Phi peninsula. Climbers at all levels can enjoy its scenic climbing. It would be such a big loss if you miss Mu Ko Phetra National Park to keep in touch with the beautiful wildlife in Thailand. With over 490 square kilometers, this park is filled with mountains, forests, colorful corals, and wildlife.  

Insider tip: Check your calendar before traveling to Koh Lao Liang because this island is closed annually from mid-May to October due to the monsoon season and nature preservation. 

8. Bamboo Island Beach (Koh Mai Phai), Phi Phi Island

Bamboo Island - a part of the Phi Phi Island group is surprisingly peaceful. You will be in complete adoration of this area thanks to the washed corals, snack bar, and the fact that it only takes you thirty minutes to walk around. 

Be aware that it has no rocky cliffs but a flat island with white sand and lush vegetation. Bamboo Island Beach provides you with good snorkeling thanks to a wide range of fishes and invertebrate species. There is no hotel or resort here, so the hidden beach is suitable for taking a quick day trip.   

Insider tip: Although its name is Bamboo Island, there is no bamboo on the island. It was given by mistake when the casuarina trees which grew a lot on the island were wrongly translated to “bamboo”.

9. Koh Adang

You might be surprised if you know that Koh Adang is the next-door neighbor of the well-known Koh Lipe. As a part of Tarutao National Marine Park, Koh Adang is carefully protected by the government. That is why Koh Adang’s nature seems to be nearly unspoiled.

This beautiful beach is perfect to catch a magnificent sunset or watch sea turtles lay their eggs. Thanks to its vastness, hiking comes highly recommended. Trek to the viewpoint for breathtaking scenes of the Adang Archipelago group of islands. Otherwise, you will find snorkeling in Thailand to rival the experience in the Maldives due to the great diversity of tropical species. 

Insider tip: There is a fee to visit Koh Adang which costs 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children from 3-14 yrs. The ticket is valid for 5 days and it allows you to visit all of the Tarutao National Park which Koh Adang is belong.

10. Sanom Beach, Koh Lipe

Once home to the nomadic sea-gypsy Chao Ley who are known for their looking for the best places to fish. Nowadays, Koh Lipe has now become one of the most beautiful islands in all of Thailand for a very good reason: it’s surrounded by islands and beaches that are simply awesome. 

Sanom Beach is a secluded beach in Koh Lipe that has a nice touch of the old-fashioned island style. You will be amazed by the richness, and healthiness of the house reef as well as the diversity of marine life which you can spot on. Otherwise, this gorgeous beach welcomes special guests with soft white sand, turquoise water, and great sunset to create its relaxing vibe, so don’t forget to bring a good book along!

Insider tip: Walk down the popular Pattaya beach to the west. There you will find a small wooden walkway over the rock that takes you to Sanom Beach.


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