Cambodia Travel

The Kingdom of Cambodia, what an incredible place, it has many secrets and incredible sights for all who visit! From the world famous and renowned Angkor Wat Temple of Siem Reap to the more modern and economic hub or the capital city of Phnom Penh awash with modern influences, but still regaining its hustle and bustle streets and markets. But also home to areas such as Kep, Kratie and Sihanoukville, names that are less familiar but well worth discovering! Cambodia Travel promises you wonderful moment and unforgettable memories.

Cambodia trips will take you from charming history of the great kings to a more disturbing recent history of the regime of Pol Pot. It is a country of great diversity and one that is flourishing in its new life of freedom, and the locals are willing to share with all who visit. The friendliness of the people will astound many.

Cambodia takes great pride in being home to the incredible temples which are part of UNESCO in and around Siem Reap, the most famous being Angkor Wat but there are many to discover as many as you have time to look for. It offers so many other temples for people to discover making many feel like the first ever discoverers.  It also homes great sadness over its recent past with the killing fields and genocide museum of Phnom Penh, we know this isn’t for everyone and the capital is also home to the incredible Kings Palace and Silver Pagoda as well as the Russian Markets offering a real diverse visit to any tour.

Away from its two most famous areas, you can find some hidden beauties, with one of the world newest Luxury Hotels of Song Saa - a glisten jewel in Sihanoukville with its mile upon mile of sandy beaches waiting for you. Or for those who like to live differently a luxury tented experience in the beautiful Kratie famed for being home to the Irrawaddy dolphins.

So, whatever you hope Cambodia tours has to offer, our travel experts will be able to provide you with some even more creative and incredible ideas. Sharing with you all Cambodia has to offer.

With such stunning beauty and unique temples, Cambodia is a destination that features in most top ten must visit lists, we can understand why and we can help bring your wish list to life!