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100% tailor made journeys with top-notch local guides

There is nothing better than participating in one of the many Exotic Voyages luxury Myanmar tours to set your year off right. Myanmar or Burma is situated in Southeast Asia, in the most westerly point of the area. It's glistening with gold, with fertile lands that are sprinkled with pagodas. While there have been many tours to Burma over the years, there is still a sense of complete openness in the country, which makes right now the best time to book one of many escorted tours to Myanmar available from Exotic Voyages. If you want vibrant local culture, to meet local people and see some awe-inspiring sights, then you need to turn to Exotic Voyages to book your Myanmar vacation packages right now.

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Whatever you want, wherever you desire to go, let us be there for you every step of the way. Our Travel Experts will listen to your preferences and find the perfect tour for you.


Experience Splendid Temples & Cities in Myanmar (Burma) with Our Exclusive Private Escorted Tours & Vacation Packages

Myanmar is famed for being home to thousands of Buddhist temples, and with the ancient plains of Bagan and Ngapali beach to see, there is no stone left unturned for your booked tours in Myanmar (Burma). Bagan's spires are something to see, but when you watch the dawn break over them, you will know the highlight of your Myanmar private tour has been ticked off. Visit Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar and explore the fading architecture and sites dripping in history, such as Shwedagon Pagoda. Take your time trawling Mandalay and absorb the gentle spirituality that oozes from every street. There's so much to see on escorted tours to Myanmar, and it's all laid out ahead of you with Exotic Voyages.

There are so many ways to enjoy Myanmar, from seeing the monks in their devoutly religious prayer, to the calm and tranquil waters of Inle Lake. It's here you can see the stilt houses and see the fishermen make rowing look seamless. With our luxury Myanmar tours, you get the choice in what you see and do. It's all in your control; all you need to do is decide what you want to see first. Our travel specialists can help you to create the perfect Myanmar vacation packages easily!

Myanmar has it all, and you can make choices on privately escorted tours to Myanmar by merely checking out what Exotic Voyages can offer you via our website.

Custom Made Private Myanmar & Burma Luxury Tours Just for You

Myanmar is a vast landscape with thousands of Buddhist temples, tropical gardens, and majestic pagodas. There are natural wonders to behold, luxury hotels to sleep in, and the chance to enjoy a world away from every day. If you have decided to make luxury tours Myanmar your next destination, then you should get ready for a warm welcome when you meet local people. Let Exotic Voyages take you on a Burma private tour to remember, with local villages easier to explore with a local private guide to help you along your way.

The gentle people make any visit enchanting, and when you first set foot in Yangon, your private small group guide will tell you everything you want to know about the vibrant local culture and customs; enriching your experiences immensely. With escorted tours to Burma, you get to experience the Bay of Bengal in a way that regular tourists do not. You get to enjoy a Myanmar private tour that will give you the chance to see the gleaming golden Shwedagon Paya in all its glory. You can canoe down Inle Lake, seeing the mountainous shore in the hazy sunshine and see the monastery that rests on stilts.

Exotic Voyages is very different from the other private tour companies out there; we care about what you want from your escorted tours to Myanmar, and we revel in helping you to arrange your luxury Burma vacation. We can provide you with the tools to put together Myanmar vacation packages that you have always dreamed about.

Take your time thinking about what you want to get from arranging one of our amazing Myanmar luxury tours. If you wish to see Amarapura and its famous teak bridge, or you simply want to stroll down Ngapali beach and take in the sounds and scents of the ocean.

Take Your Time Choosing Myanmar (Burma) Luxury Vacations and Tours

One thing that we pride ourselves on is our ability to give you as much choice as you want from your Myanmar luxury vacations. Whatever you want to indulge in, we will make it happen. We are experts in what you want, so all you have to do is let us know what makes your heart sing and we can arrange it for you. We include your airport transfer and luxury hotels in with what we can arrange, whether you want to travel over public holidays or visit when it’s a little more deserted - we've got you covered.

Our testimonials speak for us with many happy and returning customers who have experienced the luxury Myanmar tours that we offer. Whether you are hoping to stay in luxury hotels at the Bay of Bengal or you want to book to stay in Mandalay, we pride ourselves on our ability to set up the perfect Myanmar holidays.

When you are in control of your Myanmar vacation, no two days are the same. We can give you all of your Burma vacation options, and our travel specialists are on the ball and have you covered. As part of our service, we can give you some of the best recommendations for places to include on your tours in Myanmar (Burma); we know the area like no one else.

Myanmar Luxury Vacations Are A Click Away

There are plenty of tours in Myanmar that are available for the avid luxury traveler, but there are none quite like Exotic Voyages. Being able to see the beautiful landscape and beaches in a small group is so much easier than getting lost in the crowd.

Your Myanmar vacation packages are your choice, and we will ensure that you have local guides who know the area intimately. You'll be able to take a stroll off the beaten track, knowing that you are completely safe and can take a walk-through tropical gardens and pagodas without the huge swathes of people. Your local tour guide can advise you on the best times to see certain attractions, the hidden gems in the area and they can ensure that your experience is like nothing else.

What Are the Benefits of Local Guides in Tours to Myanmar (Burma)?

You want luxury Myanmar holidays tailored to you, and we can provide you with precisely that. There are so many benefits to having a private Burma tour guide for your escorted tours in Myanmar, and these include:

  • Your guide can give you a better appreciation for the country
  • They know all the best places to eat!
  • The local villages that were unfamiliar to you become something you can see
  • Your luxury Myanmar tours are unforgettable

Finding the right Myanmar vacation package is easy to do when you have us to guide you. We have everything you need to make your Myanmar vacation as memorable and luxurious as possible. You deserve exclusivity on your Myanmar vacation, and we aim to give it to you.

Enjoy Luxury Myanmar Hotels with Exotic Voyages

When you are booking the best luxury tours Myanmar has to offer; you need to consider how we can help. We are specialists for luxury travel, and we know that a big part of your luxury experience lies in first-class accommodations. You deserve the very best in luxury travel, and we are keen to show you that our luxury hotels can give you everything that you are looking for in luxury travel. You should be enjoying luxury food and breathtaking sights, well-placed luxury accommodation and airport transfers to get you where you need to be. With Exotic Voyages, we can offer the best Myanmar tours packages that you'll find on the travel market today.

Being privileged enough to stay in luxury hotels is exciting, and our specialists in travel can ensure that you are staying in some of the most mind-blowing luxury hotels that Myanmar has to offer. There are a lot of benefits to staying in a luxury hotel, and it should be something you include in your luxury Myanmar tours.

Benefits Of Staying In Luxury Hotels in Myanmar (Burma)

You want the whole package when you are booking Myanmar luxury tours, and this includes luxury accommodation. Don't be afraid to ask for the best Yangon and Mandalay accommodations, we know what to look for, you just need to know that the following benefits come from getting those luxury hotels you've been dreaming about:

  • Security - Luxury hotels often have better security than shared apartments or villas.
  • Luxury - Infinity pools, spas, fantastic food and giant, comfortable beds are all part of that luxury package you get when you book luxury hotels on your Myanmar vacation.
  • Privacy - No shared quarters or hostels to think about; it's all about you.
  • Location - There are no reasons to avoid Myanmar luxury hotels when they're in premium locations.

Private Tours in Burma (Myanmar): Discover Somewhere New

You have the chance to discover ancient cities, islands dominated by jungles and thousands of Buddhist temples when you take on tours to Burma. The country has been called Myanmar for 30 years, but everyone still knows the area as Burma; so it has the beauty of two names heard by all. Either way, it's one of the most popular luxury tourist destinations for those seeking out private Myanmar tours packages. Every year, more tourists head to the area to take in the vibrant local culture and enjoy the beaches and miles of greenery.

At Exotic Voyages, we'll do what we do best: put together the best luxury Myanmar tours that make your soul sing! You want privacy, exclusivity, and luxury; and this is what we can hand you on a plate. Your Myanmar luxury vacations are carefully put together by our staff, so you get tours in Myanmar that are tailored to you, unique in their offerings and oh-so-luxurious.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in the thick of Mandalay or Yangon, but you should get to do it in private luxury surroundings. Your small group gets direct contact with our local guides, giving you the chance to see Myanmar in all its beauty. At Exotic Voyages, you can do your Burma tours the way you want; seeing what you want to see when you want to view it. Enrich your senses and your vacation time with a Burma luxury vacation that will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

You deserve every moment of your South East Asia paradise to be as free of distractions as possible. With 8,000 Buddhist statues to view and a million adventures to go on, Myanmar is the top spot for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in a new paradise.

What Are the Best Things to Do In Myanmar?

Setting up your Myanmar luxury tours is one of our favorite parts of what we do. We want to ensure that you have the memories to last a lifetime, and with that in mind, let's look at some of the top things that you can do on your Burma vacation:

Bagan Hidden Temples

We've mentioned that there are thousands of Buddhist temples to explore, but these are all spread across the plains of Bagan. If you want to see them in style, you need to get on a hot air balloon and float across them at sunrise if you want a truly breathtaking experience. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, hire a horse and cart and have slower Myanmar tours.

Motorbiking In Mandalay

For a little bit of a thrill, taking on a guided motorbiking tour could be the added spice you want to add to your Myanmar vacation packages. Take your time and see the entire country on two wheels.

Desert Island Restaurants

One of the best experiences that you can have on a Burma vacation is in the seafood, and Ngapali beach is the one place you should go to sample the freshest seafood in the area. The Pleasant View Islet Restaurant for an experience with a view. It's on an islet, so you wade there when the tide is low, and on the way back, you self-propel on a boat!

These are just some of the many popular options on offer during your luxury Myanmar tours. Exotic Voyages are so excited to be able to offer you the private, exclusive tours that you have always dreamed of ticking off your bucket list. Every single one of our luxury tours Myanmar is catered to your exact specifications, so no matter what you want, we've got the options for you!

Custom-Made Burma & Myanmar Guided Tour and Vacation Packages

It's not always easy to sort out your very own tailored Myanmar vacation, but that's what we are here for. Everything you want, we have. Everything you need, our private Burma tour experts can help with. We can help you to schedule your entire luxury Myanmar tours, or we can help you to build your own package.

Each of our guided tours in Myanmar can be organized to suit you, or, if you prefer, you can have the set tours in Burma on offer. These include:

No matter where you want to go, let us be a part of your luxury Myanmar vacation packages. Our escorted tours to Myanmar are like nothing else, and when you choose your experiences, you can tailor them exactly how you want to so that you can experience only what interests you.

Why You Should Choose Private Tours in Burma (Myanmar) With Exotic Voyages

Any time you want advice about private tours in Myanmar, our experts are right alongside you to help. Let's take a look at some of the reasons you should choose us for your private Burma luxury vacations.

Luxury Travel

You want exclusivity, which means that we will provide you with first-class travel between all of your locations on tour. Our luxury hotels are second to none and in the best locations; what are you waiting for?

Luxury Service

When you are paying for privacy and luxury, you need a customer service team that knows your private Myanmar vacation package like no other company would. That's us. We can provide you with unique and escorted tours to Myanmar that come with 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

Luxury Local Guides

You deserve the very best in your private tours Myanmar, and our local guides are knowledgeable about Myanmar from location to food to shopping choices. You can guarantee that your experience with Exotic Voyages is authentic from beginning to end.

Contact Us Now to Book Your Myanmar Tour Vacation Package

For the ultimate luxury Myanmar Vacation experience, you need Exotic Voyages. Browse our tours in Myanmar, make a list of what you want, then get in touch. We've got top travel professionals on hand to ensure that you get the private) tour of your dreams.


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