Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Southeast Asia

22 Feb, 2018 | Travel Blog

If there is one thing that is certain with travel, it is that the unexpected can and will unfold. Travel hiccups can be kept to a minimum with the help of an experienced agent, but it is always wise to plan ahead. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and comfortable honeymoon journey for everyone who is going to have a trip to Southeast Asia.

1. Learn about the destinations you will be visiting in advance

The honeymoon is not just for relaxing but a precious story that you will tell your friends and family after coming back. To have the best moments with your life partner, read up on the best places to visit, foods to try, and activities. Besides, Southeast Asia is a home to different peoples and cultures with traditions and customs that last for thousands of years, thus, sometimes you may encounter a culture shock here. To avoid bad luck or unwanted situation, take time to learn about culture and etiquette before you go.

Here are some tips and guides that we prepare for each country:

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  2. 10 Best Beach Resort without The Crowd To Stay in Vietnam
  3. 5 Most Pristine Waterfalls in Laos
  4. 6 Things to Buy in Cambodia

2. Always bring more money with you than you think you will need

Whether you go on tour with a travel agent or plan your trip on your own, it is wise to bring excessive money since you may spend more on:

- Eating: Southeast Asia takes pride in its food paradise from Thailand, Vietnam to Singapore, Indonesia... with a lot of Michelin restaurants anywhere you go. You will surely be amazed by the stunning street food and fine dining experience here especially when you want to try some special dining experiences like

- Shopping: Once you travel to Southeast Asia, you may not help to bring back home Vietnamese lacquerwares, Thailand herbal products, Cambodia paintings, Srilanka Jewelries, or Laos Woodcarvings... since they are so authentic, unique, and could not be found elsewhere. Though it is cheap to shopping in Southeast Asia, unique items sometimes are worth a fortune.

3. Follow your travel plan, but sometimes, try off - the - beaten - paths

Southeast Asia is a mystic land with unexpected gorgeous things that you can see, touch, feel in your own way. Do not be afraid to be spontaneous. A lot of the best memories you create on your honeymoon may be those you never imagine. For example, instead of coming to a crowded Bangkok floating market like Damnoen Saduak, try Klong Sa Bua floating market in Ayuthaya, which is only 1 hour away from Bangkok and offers the most authentic moment of traditional performance right on the river with skillful dancers and extraordinary Thai food. Some recommendations for you:

4. Bring a pair of sandals with you

You will find them useful at the beach and at temples, which are available anywhere in Southeast Asia. In some Buddhism countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, or Laos, it is required to take off your shoes before going inside a temple or pagoda. Thus, a pair of sandals is easier to disrobe than a pair of shoes. Besides, shoes could be a disaster when you hop on a boat tour along the Mekong Delta River or walk on the white sand beaches in Phuket, Phu Quoc, and any coastal destinations in Southeast Asia.

5. Pack a first aid kit

Hopefully, you won’t need it, but it is always smart to have. Sometimes bring first aid kit would become an amulet that saves you from wounds and bad luck. Traveling to Asia could be an adventure to people who prefer risky activities like trekking into jungles, white water rafting, or riding a motorbike. Thus, prevention is better than cure, don't forget to bring your kit!

6. Take photos of your passport, visa, and all other travel documents

Just a little carelessness may lead you to bad situations. While traveling, anything could happen to you, for example losing visas, passports or flight tickets ..., which might take your time and turn your dream journey into a mess. Why not take a copy of your important documents? Once something bad happens, you can use copied versions instead.

7. Think about packing some fun surprises for your loved one

Bring a bath bomb for an evening in your luxury tub at the resort, set up a romantic dinner, or secretly pack your partner’s favorite snack for an outing. Love, sometimes, needs a little bit "spicy" especially in honeymoon when you and your beloved ones are both looking for memorable moments between two. Thus, these unexpected and fun things could blow your love away.

A romantic dinner will be a highlight on your honeymoon trip.

8. Consider disconnecting from social media, email, and work even when free wi-fi is available

This is a time to focus entirely on your loved one and your magical surroundings. Social media, emails and anything related to work or your daily world could be a huge disruption in your perfect honeymoon. I'm sure you never want to remember a honeymoon spent with laptops or smartphones instead of your beloved ones.

9. Don’t copy your friend’s honeymoon itinerary

Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk many times about their honeymoon for years. But don’t copy them. Just because they satisfy with their itinerary, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. This is your big trip, tailor it to you and your finance.

10. Don’t rely entirely on the web research

Looking for information on Google is fine, but don’t rely entirely on it. Sometimes people can paint a picture that doesn’t match with reality. So it’s best to talk to your friend or family members who have been there for real experiences or ask for a travel agent who is an expert in the destination you want to go.  

11. Consider using a travel agent

Travel agents have inside knowledge and good relationship with hotels and destination tourist offices. They can save your research time and plan a honeymoon that fits your budget and expectation. Don’t want to deal with the hassles of planning your own vacation? The experienced agents at Exotic Voyages are standing by ready to help you. Exotic Voyages is different from other travel agencies. Every honeymoon tour we plan is fully customized to offer extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We listen to our customers to understand exactly what they are looking for in a romantic getaway. We then create bespoke private tours tailored to those dreams. Every customer at EV is one-of-a-kind—so every trip is too.

- Our tours are personalized to your needs. We turn your honeymoon dreams into unforgettable realities.

- Because our tours are fully customized, you have the utmost freedom in designing your honeymoon.

- An Exotic Voyages concierge is there to assist you with every aspect of your trip.

- Enjoy a luxury tour at a reasonable price.

- We offer exotic experiences that are off-the-beaten paths. Experience exclusive sights and destinations.

- Save time and hassles. Our travel agents take care of everything from A to Z so you can focus on one thing—having the time of your life!

12. Pack massage oil

Couple massage is such a romantic thing and a great way to relieve tiredness and tension. While you can’t always go to a Spa center, receiving the message from your hubby in your comfortable hotel room is just as romantic. Emphasize the sensual aspect of your relationship with massage oil, candle, chocolate (to tease your partner), and sensual music like Sade. While the tunes wake up your sense, massage will brings pleasure and put you in the mood of romance.

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