5 Most Pristine Waterfalls For An Adventure Tour To Laos

06 Dec, 2016 | Travel Blog

If you look for an informative guide into Laos, you have found the right place. We include all detailed guide from visa application, directions, transportation to best attractions, dishes or experiences there.

Your adventure tour to Laos will lead you in tropical evergreen forests and the sound of the water bursting on the rocks where pristine and magnificent waterfalls nestled. Exotic Voyages experts have selected the most pristine waterfalls of the country. Take a step on unbeaten tracks and explore the heart of Laos!

1. Tad Sae Waterfall

An adventure tour to Laos wouldn’t be complete without the exploration of Tad Sae waterfall. Hidden in the forest, 20km South from Luang Prabang, Tadsae is a jewel lost in the middle of the jungle. As the waters run on ocher rocks and through colorful vegetation, the small natural pools get fuller. The beauty of this waterfall reaches its apogee during the rainy season when the flow becomes stronger and the water is clearer. Tad Sae remains pure and out of beaten tracks. The environment makes it an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing time, as it offers numerous natural pools in stairs where you can get hydro massages.


Tad Sae Waterfall in Luang Prabang, Laos

2. Kuang Si

Located 30 km south from Luang Prabang, Khuang Si is the most popular water waterfall of the country. After an adventurous trek through the mangrove forest, you break over the stunning turquoise water smoothly tumbling over low stone stairs. The largest lagoon offers the possibility to swing from a liana in the sparkling water. After a nice swim, the track continues while the shade is protecting you from the sun. The intense and unexpected flow brings the water down in a large pool where you can enjoy a fresh swim again.


Aerial View of the Kuang Si Waterfalls surrounding by jungle

3. Tad Fane

Your adventure tour to Laos is a perfect occasion to discover Tad Fane waterfalls. Nestled deeply in the jungle of the Bolaven Plateau, this double waterfall has very intense and striking flows. From the Tad Fane resort, the astonishing landscape spreads before your eyes’ view while you are supervised by an experienced guide to take a half-day trek to reach the falls. Tad Fane is a long walk from the resort and for this reason, very few people swim in its pure water.


Tad Fane Waterfall, Bolaven Plateau, Laos 

4. Khone Phapheng

Located in Champassak province, Khone Phapeng is the largest waterfall by volume in Southeast Asia. The waterfall spreads and runs over solid rocks. The landscape displays an open view of the surrounding tropical forest. The strength of the flow is intense and the thundering voice of the waterfall can be heard far away. Along the precipice, you can observe local fishermen and their fishing rods in silence.

Khone Phapheng Waterfall, Champassak, Laos

5. Tad Lo

The remote province of Salavan shelters the stunning Tad Lo waterfalls. Tad Lo is a series of three falls ranged on a 10 km walk through villages and the tropical forest. The sound of the sparkling water falling down on the pool guides you from one waterfall to another. The wild environment and the relaxing atmosphere offer a unique moment in Laos.

Tad Lo Waterfall, Laos

Refreshment and stunning views are essential to your adventure tour to Laos. Discovering and exploring waterfall represents a real experience of Laos and brings you deep into the natural resources and the Laotian culture. Those off beaten tracks will give you memorable moments amid Laos’ pristine nature for sure.  

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