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Top 7 Exotic Things To Do In Sihanoukville

The untouched beauty with white sandy beaches and slow rhythms of fishing villages blesses Sihanoukville as one of the best getaways in Cambodia. Note in your guidebook 7 exotic things to do in Sihanoukville before your trip:

Enjoy untouched beaches

Sihanoukville, the picturesque town of the Gulf of Thailand offers idyllic white-sand beaches where you enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, fishing and of course delicious seafood. Overlapped by the famous beaches of the neighbor of Thailand and Vietnam, many visitors tend to skip Cambodia as a beach destination. However, thanks to its pretty tiny islands, Sihanoukville gives travelers a reason for a visit. With year-round tropical climate, visitors can visit it throughout the year. Each of them has its own distinctive beauty that draws your deep attention.

Photo: FrancescGenove

If you want to have the intimate holiday with your partner, Independence Beach is always the best choice. More than 1-kilometer beach with low tide and narrow sand, it is one of the quietest beaches with sensational views and beautiful resorts. Nothing to do better than let yourself indulge with the cool sea breeze. Besides this mesmerizing beauty, Ochheuteal Beach also offers you a golf-course and an assortment of mid-range hotels and restaurants with both Khmer and Western style.  Imagine that you are playing golf with the natural wind and fresh air as well as see the alluring beach; the leisure feeling is full of your emotion. It is obviously the best thing to do in Sihanoukville for those golf enthusiasts. Listed on the top 22 Beaches in Asia, three-kilometer Otres Beach catches the eyes of travelers at the first sight. The pristine beach with its own untouched beauty and laid-back people overwhelmed your preferences. Whereas, Ream Beach and Sokha Beach are just like a picture of mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife as well. Visitors should take a cruise to contemplate the magnificent beaches and experience all the beauty of the beaches as well.

White sandy beaches along the untouched Sihanoukville

White sandy beaches along the untouched Sihanoukville (Photo: Ankur P)

2. Watch mini fireworks display at Serendipity

As the sky darkened, lighting your world by buying the fireworks from vendors, hold it and walk along the seashore. It will catch your eyes and you feel compelled to give it a try. Not too much light in the black sky but the gleaming flare makes the beach more majestic.

Lightening the sleepy Serendipity by mini firework displays (Photo: colink)

3. Take a cruise

The Cambodia beaches appeal visitors by its untouched beauty as well as the endless opportunities to enjoy the beach activities. Take a cruise to have a breathtaking of Cambodia that you will never have unless you come to Sihanoukville. It never fails to impress.

A picturesque view of the sunset from the cruise along the Sokha Beach (Photo: Lomacar)

4.Taking a cooking class

Food is actually one of the best ways to experience Cambodia culture & heritage. By that way, take a cooking class to learn how to cook some of the fabulous Cambodian dishes! The experienced teacher will take you to the market, explain each Cambodian vegetable for each meal, other ingredients such as herbs and spices and teach you the art of cooking traditional Khmer Cuisine.

Photo: TripAdvisor

There is a wide range in the menu that you can freely choose: the deep-fried spring rolls with vegetables and pork, fish amok (or chicken Amok), red chicken curry, sticky rice with mango and coconuts, deep-fried bananas, etc. Not only the unique taste of each dish that you do it by yourself but also the valuable lesson you get by learning do it is actually the success of this cooking class. To discover Cambodia, especially the culture of the country of temples, why don’t you take a cooking class – one of the best things to do in Sihanoukville and find the hidden world behind the ancient temples and stunning beaches.

5. Do local charities

Cambodian Children’s Painting Project, a non-profit organization enables you to bring your kindness to help children who live very impoverished lives. Most volunteers find that they had left a piece of their heart here and take home more extraordinary memories. The Starfish Project is a local organization assisting the poor in Cambodia. It provides the direct assistance from person to person, not through the formal organization. For examples, you have foods or clothes, and you can deliver them to the poor. These essential things in life actually help them to live better!

Charities (Photo: wdkunze)

6. Enjoy the BBQ along the beach

One thing you’re sure to notice is the various number of places selling Khmer BBQ along the beach. Going for a stroll along Ochheuteal Beach, you will have a $3 BBQ featuring freshly caught seafood (barracuda, squid, shrimp, prawns, tuna, and snapper). Despite the same menu all over, each is unique in proportions, the marinades, and the slide dishes. As a note, in Sihanoukville the busier a place is, the fresher the meat will be. Many places with low turnover will refreeze their meat and fish over and over which sacrifices both safety and tasty.

BBQ along the beach

7. Rent a bike to explore surroundings

One of the best things to do in Sihanoukville is biking. Some might choose a motorbike, but if you want to definitely see Sihanoukville and get out of the traffic, cycling is obviously a great choice. Going on foot is another favourite option, of course, to discover each hidden corner of Sihanoukville. Compared with other places in Cambodia, Sihanoukville is also the large area which welcomes you by its own untouched beauty through each slope of your bike. Convinced yet for your Cambodia luxury travel This map of Sihanoukville is surely expected to make you clear about four main beaches here.


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