Top 5 Best Shopping Experiences in Hoi An

22 Nov, 2018 | Travel Blog

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Over the last few years, Hoi An has become a must-see destination within Vietnam. Few travelers can resist its special vibe, lovely streets, yellow housessmall shops, and busy cafes. Visitors who go there are always happy to stay because this old town offers something for everyone to make a vacation trip special. It could either be joining a cooking class, doing a cycling tour, visiting one of the local gardens, or simply relaxing on the beach, Hoi An is much more than just a tourist city. But, well, as all the good things never stay forever, your happy vacation will finally have to come to an end. If you find yourself drawn to this beautiful place, bring home a few of these souvenirs which are ideal presents for family and friends as well as a nice way to remember this quaint little ancient town.

1. Tailor-made clothes


No matter how short your trip to Hoi An is, you can always find enough time to have a quality tailor-made suit or dress. Tailors in Hoi An know exactly what to do. They have a wide selection of fabrics, colors and always welcome their guests with the warmest of smiles. You can bring pictures with you of what you would like them to replicate or let them produce their own unique designs, wait for 24 to 48 hours to receive your freshly made new attire! Tailor-made clothes in Hoi An are unrivaled in price, quality, and the time it takes them to be made. Hot Tips: It’s better to visit the shops along the main streets because they will have highly skilled tailors with reasonable prices. Always reserve enough time for your shopping excursions because you might need one or two additional ‘fitting sessions’ to make sure everything meets your expectations. Yaly, La Senta, AoBaBa and Oche are the names of some of the most well-known shops in town.

2. Leather Products


Leather products in Hoi An are rich in types and designs. It’s easy to find a pair of stylish sandals or ankle boots to leather wallets and bags from their collections. If you have a design that you always wish for, give a picture to the seller, they will make a copy of them to your order. Your shoes will be delivered to your hotel’s room with the price of one third or even much cheaper within 24 hours. Give it a go and you will be pleasantly surprised. But just as the same tips as above, you should choose the leather wisely, discuss every detail you want to have and don’t be rush. You will need time for modification if it’s needed.

3. Artworks

Hoi An has had a thriving art scene for around a decade now, with its range of beautiful architecture and countless galleries along its narrow alleys and streets. Shops here display many artworks made by local talents. Most of the paintings and photos depict local life, natural landscapes, and its people. Definitely worth a visit to have a talk with the artists and bring home some art! Make sure you visit Ha Ha, Couleurs d'Asie Gallery, and Precious Heritage by Rehahn, a Frenchman who is famed for having traveled around Vietnam, taking many brilliant photos from all around the country.

4. Lanterns

The silk lantern is an ageless symbol of Hoi An that distinguishes it from other popular cities in Vietnam. Found around the center of the old town, there are multi-colored lanterns in different styles hanging over the windows, doors, and along the streets, matching perfectly with the brilliant yellow color of the surrounding houses. Once witnessed, this beautiful sight might appear firstly in your memory whenever you think back on your times in Hoi An.  Lanterns are sold as a popular souvenir at many gift shops at a rather cheap price. However, if you want to treat your stay a bit more special, then learn how to make a lantern, step by step at a lantern workshop and bring home your own product.

5. Handicrafts


If you’re looking for a special gift for someone or something for yourself, it’s worth paying a visit to a local handicrafts shop in Hoi An. You can find a variety of many useful and impressive items and objects, which are made by talented local artists, such as glamorous jewelry, miscellaneous crafts, a variety of textiles, wood carvings, ceramic kitchenware, and intricate tea sets. You can also join one of the many arts & crafts workshops in learning how to make something yourself!. Reaching Out Arts and Crafts is an establishment supporting the works of disabled Vietnamese people, all crafted products seen here are made in a workshop right out the back of the shop. We suggest taking a bike trip to Kim Bong Carpentry Village, which is interesting too. This village is great for those who fall for the likes of anything to do with wood or wood related produce.  Want to visit this beautiful small historical town? Check out some of our related tours, or simply tell us what your interests are and what you would like to do on your vacation, we will design a special tour just for you!

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