Nha Trang & Ninh Van Bay

Nha Trang, is Vietnam's most famous beach destination. Set on a 7km stretch of beautiful white sandy beaches and the safe warm waters here make it a paradise, not only for beach lovers but also snorkeling and divers. Nha Trang safe waters are a haven for divers with an abundance of sea life to observe, it is easy to understand why this is Vietnam’s premier dive location. The city of Nha Trang is also probably the liveliest beach town, with many streets to explore and bars and restaurants spread across the city. One of the most famous being the Sailing club, with a great beachfront location, excellent food and great atmosphere. Away from the beach, there is plenty to see and do, including the Cham Temple of Pa Nagar, or the Thap Ba Mud baths, here you can relax in the mud baths, mineral pools and thermal waterfalls or enjoy the hot and cold swimming pools. Just off the coast of Nha Trang is Ninh Van Island, which is fast becoming the most famous island retreat in Vietnam, with its luxury hotels providing the finest services. This remarkable island is home to some of the finest remote beaches anywhere along with excellent reefs making snorkeling and diving also an option. Here you will find total peace and tranquility on this almost deserted islands. It is the perfect getaway destination and also within easy distance of the mainland.