The Most Colorful Places in Thailand

15 Oct, 2019 | Travel Blog

To many travelers, Thailand is no longer a peculiar name when it comes to experience and reputations. Besides idyllic beaches, fantastic elephant sanctuaries, and delicate ancient architectures, this country also has a lot of destinations with intense-hued colors for travelers to explore. And if you are in search of these vivid places, here are 7 Most Colorful Places in Thailand that you should check out.

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok

As known as the biggest floating market in Thailand, the Damnoen Saduak is full of vivid colors. Here, you can see small shops lining on both sides of the canals, selling various paintings, clothes, and souvenirs. Jumping on a long-tail boat for a venture, you will get surrounded by the diverse yields and the rainbow parasols on the hawkers’ boats. Each day, these hawkers row on the canal, selling loads of fresh fruits and local foods to local customers. Therefore, if you are food lovers, Damnoen Saduak will offer you a delicious cultural experience that you can’t forget.

floating market thailand

2. Pai

I am Pai

photo credit: thuylinh

Located in Mae Hong Son district, near the Myanmar (Burma) border, Pai, in short, is an incredible town. Apart from the breath-taking landscapes, the town is a place where you can see lots of colors. Rainbow blocks lighten up the street, waste bins attract attention, come and see this for yourself and you will not be disappointed. Also, “The Container at Pai Coffee” is recommended for a colorful café, where you can relax on an egg hammock while enjoying the colorful surroundings.

3. Old Town City, Phuket

Destination Section POI Phuket Old Town

While the outskirts of Phuket are built with modern housing and luxurious hotels, the city center is a place where lays the soulful and historical architectures. During the era of the tin-mining industry in the 1600s, Phuket Old Town was filled with European firms and later on the Hokkien Chinese as they took over the business. Hence, the town’s design is influenced heavily by Hokkien Chinese and Portuguese. Strolling around the town, it’s easy to recognize the Chinese shophouses group together, each has a different shade of color. Somewhere in the town, colorful paintings and murals are popping up. These beautiful pieces of street-art have brightened up street corners, adding flair to the sad old walls and bringing “shabby-chic” essence to the town. Nowadays, as Phuket Island is getting modernize through times, the Old Town, however, still a treasurable relic with its unique cultural values.

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4. Wat Paknam, Bangkok

With a Buddhist culture and over 40,000 temples across the country, no Thailand adventure is complete without discovering at least one. And for those who are fond of colorful destinations, a trip to Wat Paknam on Phasi Choaren District will indulge your eyes. Outwards, Wat Paknam is a large temple with a historical museum, gardens, and waterfalls. However, it’s the painted dome inside the stupa that actually astounds visitors. Lies on the stupa’s top floor, the dome features glamorous neon-colored paintings and a magnificent glass chedi (Buddha stupa). While the artworks are done meticulously by the hands of local painters, the chedi is a refined artificial piece with a mythical Naga serpent theme. Filled with marvel workmanships, Wat Paknam’s dome will sure got you stand in awe of its gorgeousness.

The dome features colorful paintings and a giant glass chedi

5. Khlong Hae Floating Market, Hatyai

Open on weekends, the Khlong Hae Floating Market is simply a tasty culinary experience. From a distance, Khlong Hae is a crowded place, filled up with people and distinct colorful boats. As you blend into the stream of people, you can see the Muslim hawkers on the boats, selling all kinds of colorful Muslim foods. From buns and cupcakes to seafood and fruit-shape desserts, they all look brilliant and tasty.

Floating Market

6. Wat Khaek (Uma Devi Temple), Bangkok

Being widely known for its delicate and colorful design, the Wat Khaek is a beautiful yet sacred temple of the Hindus. To get into Wat Khaek, you have to walk through the gopuram, a huge multicolored gate which is perceived as a threshold between the material and the spiritual world inside the temple. Inside, there are 3 shrines dedicate to Uma-Devi, Ganesha, Vishnu, and Krishna. Although the temple’s interior architecture is utterly sophisticated, taking photographs is forbidden, and visitors are required to dress properly before their visit.

7. Tha Rua Shrine, Phuket

Want to visit any other colorful places in Phuket besides the Old Town? Tha Rua Shrine is your answer. Take your chance to discover Tha Rua as you will be in awe of the astonishing Chinese architectures. Featuring a theme of colorful dragons, the shrine is really photogenic, the type that would make you pull out your camera immediately. Inside, god statues are placed carefully with small censers for worshiping rituals. Especially, there are also numerous wall paintings describe the Phuket’s history with English explanations. Lies on the road to the airport, Tha Rua Shrine is an interesting small place that tourists will not want to miss.

Tha Rua Shrine, Phuket

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