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Siem Reap

Situated in North West Cambodia, Siem Reap is known worldwide as the entrance to one of the seven new wonders of the world, the magical kingdom of Angkor. Here lay the temples dating back to the ninth century full of the mysterious and magical history waiting for you to discover just as the French explorers did so in the 1860’s. Once you witness the magnificent ancient temples, you are likely to be strongly attracted by such huge works of our ancestors centuries ago. But there is more to this city than just being the gateway to the past. It’s now a small but charming city with many thriving local businesses, which is also home to some amazing French and Chinese styled architecture. When here, take a Tuk Tuk to experience the local side of life and look at how modern and ancient cultures work in harmony. This city is really a unique setting that many fall in love with.  Having some of the finest hotels in Cambodia may help as well in fact for some these hotels are the best anywhere. Siem Reap is certainly a magical city.

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