Quy Nhon

Located in south central Vietnam, the port city of Quy Nhon is famous for its pristine and exotic beaches, sunny and cream colored sand. The beach stretches out along following a semicircular shape with the city hugging the shoreline. Quy Nhon is situated in a beautiful bay, with a backdrop of impressive mountains and ahead the clear blue seas. Quy Nhon also has its rich tradition in Champa culture originating from the 11th century; standing out to mark its history are the Twin Tower to worship Linga and Yoni (Ying and Yang in Champa belief) easily visible from the city and an excellent example of the Champa architecture. Also home to Long Khanh and Tam An Pagoda, where you will find a 17 meter tall Buddha and the Thousand handed and thousand eyed goddess of mercy statue. Quy Nhon has plenty to offer for all.