Ly Son Island

Ly Son island is a district of Quang Ngai province, further down from Centre of Vietnam. Ly Son or other name: Cu Lao Re, formally was a volcanic field. Stunning, exotic and untouched long beach and fresh green valley in the middle of volcano bring to us the best experience ever. From the centre of Quang Ngai Province, by speed boat it takes about 45 minutes to get to Ly Son Island. Ly Son includes 2 islands, locals call them Main and Little island. Main Island is where most of locals live and also known as Garlic Island, therefore don’t be surprised if you see garlic everwhere. Main Island is also famous for “Cave Pagoda”. The pagoda was built inside a cave with front side was beach. Inside the pagoda, smoky from incense covered the entire cave. Wet atmosphere inside cave brought more mystery to its beauty. There are stunning pristine untouched beaches with thousand coral underneath, beach on Main Island and Little Island, perfect for beach hideaway holiday. The  Ly Son island in prehistoric period,  was an active volcano, now in the middle of volcano area there is a green beautiful valley, perfect for adventure trip.