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Koh Kong

The most south-western province of Cambodia, Koh Kong is an attractive land with a long undeveloped coastline and tropical forested mountains. Interestingly, visiting Koh Kong, you will have a chance to enjoy a special beach on the river estuary where the Koh Kong River meets the ocean, as well as the “real” ocean beaches with white sand and yellow sunshine. The scenery Koh Kong and the Cambodian ocean offer their lovely guests is so enchanting that it gives delight to any visitors here.
The charm of Koh Kong also comes from Cambodian rural life in Chi Phat, home to about 2,500 locals, a pretty village sitting at the foot of a splendid mountain. Like other local villages on the Indochina peninsula, Chi Phat intrigues visitors with beautiful wooden stilt houses nestled charmingly behind the shade of towering palms. Trekking to explore the remote villages is promising to enrapture those who love adventure and culture trips.
Another choice for luxury visitors preferring relaxing holidays is an excellent resort named “4 River Floating Eco Lodge”. It’s an environmentally friendly resort on the spectacular setting of river and virgin forests, that captures the imagination while offering the luxury and high-end facilities, peaceful seclusion, privacy, luxury,  and exclusivity.

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