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The charming town of Battambang in northwestern Cambodia is the second largest community in Cambodia. Its French-style colonial houses along the picturesque Sangker River are extremely well-preserved and gorgeous, where you will find the art is the most simple, and totally enjoy Cambodian culture through provincial museum and wooden pagodas. A kayaking trip on the Sangker River or a cooking class offered by one of the town’s restaurants is another attraction that you should try whilst traveling here. Located in the heart of the rice bowl, Battambang offers travelers easy access to several ruins of ancient temples and several caves, including the Killing Caves of the Khmer Rouge. Also a more pleasant experience is the bamboo train, which provides a ride through picturesque countryside on railway tracks established by the French many years ago.Bringing this beautiful city to life from this basic local way of travel. Beside the well-known elegant colonial French-style houses along the river, Battambang also has typical Cambodian pagoda architecture including the superb temple Prasat Banon, a provincial museum and Wat Damrey Sor a pretty wooden pagoda.

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