Bac Ha

Bac Ha is a rural district of Lào Cai province in the Northeastern region of Vietnam, home Flower H’mông , one of 6 groups of H’mong People. The hill tribes markets of Bac Ha are the largest in northern Vietnam. Several markets occur regularly in this small town near the Chinese border, but the Sunday market is the main attraction, which it is famous for, with many Hmong villagers gathering to trade and socialize. Embroidered textiles are a major market product. The H’mong women are in their colorful and very intricate hand-made costumes, which it takes 3 to 5 months to embroider one by hand. All the amazing colors are made by natural dying method. In addition to the market, Bac Ha is known for brewing rice and cassava wine and corn liquor. With stunning mountainous geography offering breath taking view, it is also a destination for excellent trekking in the mountains north of the town.