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14 Dec, 2016 | Travel Blog

For decades, travelers have been visiting and being warmly welcomed into the City of Angels – Bangkok. It has developed and grown into the main hub for travelers in Asia, a place everyone wants to visit, has visited or will visit again! So given all the growth, all the hype and excitement it is no coincidence to find all the most famous international brand hotels have decided to call this place home too, not to forget those charming and equally attractive local hotels that many may not know or are curious as to their standards.

So, what are the best hotels in Bangkok?

What makes them the best in a city which has so many choices? Here below, is a list of the most beautiful hotels including hidden gems amongst the international brands, new and old options, charming local brands.

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1. Anantara Siam

Anantara’s new flagship hotel to the city is with us. What a flag is to fly as well! An Oasis in the city is one fitting description for this majestic yet very new hotel, sat in the middle of the city yet with the luxury of so much space set it apart from most others, with a sprawling golf course surrounding set ahead of the hotel to one side offers this tranquility.

Will it be your next escape?

But, the location is not a hindrance, it is just moments to the local Skytrain or subway you are far from isolated. Inside you find tasteful decorations and a new style befitting the tag of a flagship hotel. To some the brand Anantara is unheard of outside of Asia, we know that will continue to change and this hotel is going to be a big reason why.

Room of choice: Deluxe Kasara Room, stunning interior design, and access to the Kasara lounge and concierge just a few more reasons to take this room.

2. The Siam

The who? We hear you say! Yes, a name that may not be so popular, but popularity doesn’t mean good and hidden gems are called that for a reason.

hotel in bangkok

Ever since its recent opening in 2012, The Siam has set the new concept for luxury boutique hotels in Bangkok and probably worldwide, with just 38 suites and one cottage and sitting on the edge of Chaprya River, it is easy to imagine that service is as high as the surroundings serene and yes, you are right about both. Here your senses will be both awakened and spoilt by the hotel's amenities and their tasteful design and demeanor.

top hotel in bangkok

Room of choice: Connies Cottage. Enjoying traditional Thai design encompassed by modern luxury and topped off with a four-poster bed, this is really for couples.

3. The Peninsula

Like a grand old lady, sitting on the river majestically with a presence only such a class hotel could exude. Having opened in 1998 it has encapsulated the essence of luxury and style constantly. The design may be dated but not yet enough to be classic, as with many things it is what is on the inside that counts!

Touch the resort feeling in the city

Here you find service is king, from the moment you are greeted you know you belong and nothing is ever a trouble. With its peaceful pool overlooking the river, whilst not vast in size it is more than adequate to while away some downtime in this vibrant city. The Peninsula is and should always be considered one of Bangkok’s finest an accolade you will know the hotel is proud of and keen to keep as well.

Room of choice: Grand Deluxe suite offering stunning views of the river and city, with a separate lounge area to relax and enjoy the views.

4. Chakrabongse Villa Bangkok

With this chic hotel, you have discovered a true part of Thailand and Bangkok’s history. Built-in 1908 by the Thai crown Prince for Royal ceremonies it later became his home, in later years his daughter has transformed this into 6 room scintillating boutique hotel.


When you discover this hotel you will appreciate it on a completely different level, its intimacy and privacy become evident and apparent. Chakrabongse Villa Bangkok is the place to go to relax and reminisce about a time gone by whilst doing so in a level of refinement fit for a prince.

Room of choice: It has to be the River View Suite, wake up, and be inspired by the temple of the dawn!


5. Ariyasom Villa

How often does a hotel match or exceed your expectation or the words of others? Not often we imagine you say! Well, AriyasomVilla will certainly do this! Built originally 70 years ago on the edge of Bangkok city as a getaway hotel, the city decided this was too good a hotel to be located outside and as the city developed it has now become a central location!

Giving all its visitors a real treat in the heart of Bangkok yet offering the consummate in style, comfort, and relaxing. With just 24 rooms, it is a perfect example of smaller is better and with its growing popularity one, we always advise booking in advance, to avoid disappointment.


Room of choice: The Executive deluxe room through 110, slightly smaller but direct access to the pool.

6. The Muse

Funky, fresh, fun, and fantastic. That is how we think of The Muse. With a design highly different to others yet again it has service and style that sets it apart from all others for all the right reasons.  Set in a fashionable district and within easy striking distance of fabulous food, shopping, and entertainment yet quiet enough to relax by its sky level infinity pool, it easy to be spoilt having all in one place.  We have to mention its beds, they are sumptuous and you melt into these after a long day they could be our favorite beds but that’s a different matter entirely.  The Muse is also home to a cool and trendy “speakeasy bar” take the time to go and enjoy this special bar and atmosphere and discover the speakeasy secret rooftop, you will be glad you do!

Room of choice: The Dowadeung Corner Deluxe offering the views of the city bright and fresh feel, not to mention the roll-top bathtub. It also happens to be really good value.

7. Sala Rattanakos in Bangkok

Ah, the Sala, with just 15 rooms it is often overlooked but really it is perfect for so many! It is a true 4* boutique hotel, what you trade-off for this you really gain back in folds in other ways. Firstly, they always say location, location location! If your time is limited if you plan to see the Grand Palace, Wat Po, Wat Arun, and others then this hotel is ideal, why? Well, open your curtains and your view is likely to be one of the aforementioned items! Why waste your precious time going to these, when you can simply stay almost inside them.

Second, is the food the menu is mouthwatering and couple that with the views you have then you are in paradise.  So whilst the hotel is not ideal for all, having no elevator for example if you have little time in the city yet want a true view of the city, well, it is hard to look anywhere else.

Room of choice: You have come this far take the River View Deluxe you will not be disappointed.

8. Banyan Tree

Standing tall and proud looking over its city for some 20 years, it has seen many new pretenders come and many go, it survives and indeed improves each year, I mean it has too or it too will fade into memory and history.  By far the tallest hotel in our collection, which also offers a stunning and world-renowned dining opportunity at “Vertigo” where you dine almost in the stars as well as possible with them.

The rooms inside this hotel are stunningly presented and also benefit from being designed in a world that was thought bigger was better, giving you huge spaces to enjoy, and the higher you are the more you see. One of the most famous and established Thai brands and it is so for a very good reason, you should try their famous hospitality and award-winning spa!

Room of choice: The Oasis Retreat taking your bath next to the window high in the sky watching the world unfold before and below you and access to the lounge is just another highlight.

9. The Okura Prestige

The hotel’s swimming pool is something that will make you instantly captivated. A 25m cantilevered swimming pool is not something you see every day even in Bangkok. It is an insight into the hotel in general though, nothing is standard and everything impresses effortlessly. Such care is taken to ensure you stay is perfect it is almost embarrassing to consider the lengths the Okura must go to ensuring your stay meets and exceeds your expectations. Not an easy task at all! With it is a central location allowing easy access to the city, its fabulous food, and stunning décor it is easy to see why this hotel is fast becoming one of our top hotels! I mean, how many hotels place a teddy and children amenities in rooms when they know a child is staying? Or have a stove in the room to make green tea, ok not a Thai tradition as such but a wonderful addition.

Room of choice: The Deluxe room is more than adequate here if you have some spare cash the suites are simply outstanding. Oh and one more word Yamazato for breakfast!

10. Intercontinental Bangkok

Shopping, this is a major attraction to Bangkok and equally a major attraction to the Intercontinental, set within easy striking distance to major malls it is the perfect choice for those looking to cash in or cash out at the malls. With an ultra-modern feel and contemporary design, it is for those looking certainly for a less traditional look yet still want and will get the welcoming traditional warm welcome.

With great service evident on entry and each moment it is required, you know you are in safe hands with the InterContinental.

Room of choice: It has to be Corner Suites.

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