Experience Tet Holiday in Hoi An

15 Dec, 2016 | Travel Blog

If you are waiting for a chance to “taste” the Asian Tet flavor, stay on this page as this article is exactly what you are expecting. To celebrate Tet Holiday the town is going to organize a lantern festival in a week. The best lanterns with traditional designs will light up for Lunar New Year’s Eve. The 500m long road from An Hoi Bridge to the Hoai River Square will be lit up by hundreds of appealing lanterns by around 50 lantern workshops during seven days of the Lunar New Year. We hope domestic and foreign tourists will flock to the town during the lantern festival” said the organizers. The soul of the town is formed by its ancient houses, which are often decorated by beautiful lanterns, but the spectacular sight of the whole charming town lighten up with numerous lanterns can only be witnessed once a year on this special occasion. On New Year days, walking along Hoi An’s streets, you will be filled with feelings of tranquility, peace, and happiness by the warm light of colorful lanterns. Hundreds of handmade lanterns at various sizes, shapes, and colors are lighted and hung everywhere on the streets, from little private houses to the ancient bridge, or left floating on the poetic river. It’s an exotic sight of a lifetime and memorable experience.  

Beautiful lanterns will be hung over the streets and houses

The ancient town is sparkling 

Lanterns light up the streets

Also, a series of traditional cultural and art performances such as boat racing on the Hoai River, bonsai, calligraphy, and flock performances will be held to celebrate the holiday. Not only will the little town be decorated with sparkling silk and paper lanterns, but also by thousands of fresh flowers. The main roads of Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Hue, and Hoang Dieu will be transformed into a flower display, which creates an incredible eager atmosphere of the Vietnamese traditional Tet.

Phuc Kien Pagoda

The ancient town will turn out to be busier to welcome spring. There will be many traditional contests and activities to introduce unique Vietnamese Tet culture to international visitors such as parallel sentences display, Tet traditional cakes, and food making contest for both locals and international friends. It is likely to be very exciting and delightful for visitors to sink into the authentic traditional atmosphere. They will have a chance to do traditional cuisine on their own, look into Vietnam's long-standing heritage and interesting culture.

Bars are busy with visitors

Exotic Voyages also launch many culture and heritage tours to Hoi An and other Vietnam destinations. They combine their current tours with Vietnamese spiritual exploration in Lunar New Year; letting their visitors take part in numerous interesting activities Hoi An festival has to offer.


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