6 Reasons To Visit Phuket - the Pearl of The Andaman

06 Mar, 2023 | A-> Z Guide

Thailand's largest island is so beautiful that you may never want to leave.

Whether it’s an hours-long breakfast gazing at the bright blue Andaman sea, sipping cocktails by the beach, enhancing your health with a vegetable buffet, or relaxing at one of the finest resorts in the world, there are endless good reasons to add Phuket to your Thailand trip Here are six to start with.

1. The Beaches

Phuket has a wide variety of island hopping

Phuket is the largest island and the most well-known attraction in Thailand. Although it draws a lot of tourists, it also offers quiet sports with secluded coves and hidden beaches. The spectacular limestones in Phang Nga Bay and the perfect turquoise water in the Phi Phi archipelago are popular, but they’re hard to beat for their wow factor. That's the reason why island hopping is always a must-do for travelers. 

2. The Multicultural History

Multi-colored houses in Phuket Old Town

Triggered by the tin-mining boom in the 19th century in Phuket, a great immigrant wave fled from China, Europe, and the Middle East to the island. But it’s estimated that at least 70% of Phuket’s population has Peranakan ancestral roots that are predominantly Hokkien ancestry.  The heart of the community is located around its Thalang, Krabi, and Phang Nga roads, or the Old Town quarter. They have long held on to their unique culture and traditions that are distinguished by intricate architecture and fusion cuisine that mingles Chinese and Thai cooking techniques with ingredients.

3. The Adventures

Trek into the wild

How about a trek to the top of Nakkend Hill to admire the 148-ft tall Great Buddha smiling over Phuket’s spectacular southern coastline? or you can travel back approximately 400 million years in time with a visit to Khao Sok National Park which is a couple of hours driving from the town. Khao Sok National Park is considered one of the oldest rainforests in the world. 

4. The Fabulous Food

Savoring a delicious Panang Curry

Think Bangkok is the only place to savor the best Thai food? Think about it again when you visit Phuket. Be amazed by culinary influences that you won’t find elsewhere in Thailand. Save your stomach for the aromatic charcoal-fried roti served with homemade curry or head to Thalang Road to experience traditional Baba cuisine - a blend of Chinese and local cooking styles. 

5. The Heart-melting Sunset

Beautiful sunset finds everywhere in Phuket

If you’ve ever asked yourself why a sunset is considered romantic, you’ll find your answer at any beach in Phuket. But the sunset over Phang Nga Bay is exceptional when the sun's rays are radiating their red-orange glow over the ocean, painting nature a spectacular picture that is not easy to meet twice in life. 

6. The Luxurious Resorts

Refreshing at Keemala - one of the most beautiful resorts for honeymooners

Although it undeniably appeals to backpackers from over the world, Phuket is seriously a luxury destination. It boasts retreats perching on pretty hillsides, tranquil beachside hotels, barefoot hideaways, and high-end resorts. They offer hours-long breakfast gazing at the sea, ultimate privacy, gorgeous rooms that are surrounded by lush gardens, or direct access to the beach with a spacious balcony to feel the blissful breezes and watch the stunning sunset over the Gulf of Thailand. 

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