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Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw could be your favourite town in as it offers the best scenery of countryside, mountains and rivers which attract any visitor. Magnificent Northern Laos provides the little town with a backdrop that can’t not be more beautiful, with the charming river slowly flow through splendid mountains. From a rustic bungalow, a breathtaking view of the blue skies, rolling hills and endless tribal villages, blazing green rice fields galoreopens for you to enjoy. The mountains overflow with lush green fauna and tall tropical trees. Every visitor really loves the unique experience they have on a boat along the river or when they trek through the lush vegetation to approach local villages. Clouds are wrapping the lime stone cliffs, and floating lightly above the picturesque river, as if they were following the visitors. Nong Khiaw is a sleepy village where visitors love the laid-back vibe but still have plenty of interesting adventure activity such as hiking, cycling, exploring and even more ways to relax at night. Watching the spectacular sunset over the rolling hills and being amazed with the sky turning purple is a great way to say hello with the very quiet night falling at the little town.

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