Con Dao island

Con Dao Island, off Vietnam’s southern coast, is a place of both immense natural beauty and fascinating history. During the war with French and American, it was a prison island, imprisoned its opponents in the infamous cells known as the "tiger cages." Today the old prison buildings are being overtaken by jungle, but are still standing and are open to the public. There is also a small museum. Used to be known as “the hell on earth” in the war, however nowadays, Con Dao is a paradise of beach stay, attracting many tourists by its stunning beaches and untouched ecosystem. The entire 16-island archipelago which Con Dao is a part of, is an unspoiled natural mecca, much of it a national park, virgin forests and interesting wildlife. It is a new address to invest luxury resorts and beach travel activity. As a pretty island, truly amazing place to escape from busy cities, Con Dao is deserved to be a destination of international celebrities like Angelina Jolie’s family.