Where To Find The Best Mountain Resorts In Vietnam?

29 Jun, 2023 | Top Hotels & Resorts

A collection of luxurious mountain resorts that you must pay a visit while in Vietnam.

Speaking of the best resort in Vietnam, many people will think about beachy destinations for their breathtaking scenery with turquoise seawater backdrop and infinitive sandy shore. However, here’s a fact that many people don’t know: ¾ of Vietnam's territory is mountains, where 50 ethnic minorities with distinctive traditions and cultures exist. These locations are where the most exquisite mountain resorts stay, which will leave you speechless with a whole new experience regarding outstanding landscapes and unique local life. 

While beach resorts in Vietnam can be over-occupied at peak times, why don’t you go uphill to enjoy your Vietnam vacation in a different way? Here are the top 10 best mountain resorts in our opinion that will be the best fit for a mountain idyll

1. Avana Retreat Mai Chau

Address: Panh Village, Bao La Commune, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Avana Retreat is located atop gorgeous hills in Panh Village, Mai Chau District, Hoa Bình. Mai Chau's highland climate is comparable to that of its neighbor Moc Chau. With plum and bauhinia blossoms, rice planting and harvesting seasons, and pleasant weather all year long, the hideaway is, for sure, picturesque like a dream. 

With exclusive 36 villas overlooking repeated giant mountain and rice terraces, environment protection is the top focus of Avana Retreat Mai Chau. Streamlets have been allowed to continue meandering down the valley while the waterfalls have been preserved in their original form. This is where you can ask for a set up for a private dinner - near Pung waterfall.  If you are looking for something more adventurous, half-day trekking or kayak escape is perfectly fit.


Ninety percent of the employees at Avana are members of ethnic groups whose primary source of income in the past was from rice fields. They had no formal education, no experience in the hotel or tourism industries, but they came to Avana Retreat with the desire to diversify and raise their standard of living.

After taking adventure excursions in Vietnam's North West, this is a nice area for you to unwind for a few days before returning to Hanoi.

2. Topas Ecolodge Sapa

Address: Thanh Kim, Sapa, Lao Cai

Topas Ecolodge is an eco-friendly resort perched atop a stunning hill in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park, just a 40-min drive from Sapa. It has been named one of the best places to stay if you care about the environment, offering the ideal setting for modern convenience guilt-free while also preserving the local well-being and cultures. 

The 50 rustic mountain bungalows made of local white granite and designed in a minimalistic chalet style, give you all the comforts while the magnificent and unadulterated natural beauty of Vietnam takes center stage. 

Topas Ecolodge is the only place to stay in Sapa for those who want the utmost exclusivity and the best mountain views in all of Vietnam, whether you just want to admire the view from your private balcony or just explore the surrounding areas on foot or by bike.

3. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort

Address: Le Lai St., Ward 5, Lam Dong, Dalat

The Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is tucked away in a hillside pine forest, just about a 10-minute drive from Dalat's city center, and enjoys the cool climate of the country's central highlands. A total of 17 French 1920s-style luxury villas that had been exquisitely preserved are the stars of the resort for their vintage and cozy ambiance. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa has received numerous awards, including Travelers' Choice Awards in 2021 by TripAdvisor and other platforms, for its distinctive experiences in classically charming architecture, charismatic interior, and unwavering attention to detail.

Staying here, you are welcome to enjoy a haven of peace at the resort, which exudes an air of simplicity, serenity, and charm. Don’t skip the foot massage area, various saunas, and steam rooms, which are among the therapeutic treatments offered in La Cochinchine Spa. If you're searching for a delicate and romantic dining experience, Le Petit Restaurant offers both Vietnamese and Western cuisine and features the finest ingredients from Dalat and an in-house organic kitchen garden. Especially, choosing this resort for your dream wedding, you will not be disappointed!

4. Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery Hotel in Quang Ninh

Address: Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province

Are you interested in Buddhism? You are gonna love spending time in this masterpiece hotel in the Northeast of Hanoi. With Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery by Sofitel, get ready to be mesmerized in the center of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism. It is situated in Uong Bi City which is about one hour's drive from Cat Bi Airport and Halong Bay. Its 13th-century architecture in every corner creates the elegantly ancient vibe of your vacation as if you are a former member of the royal family.

Thanks to the prime location at the base of Yen Tu Mountain, a handful of outstanding trekking and spiritual activities are available. Especially, the Tran Dynasty's historical, cultural, and spiritual heritage is celebrated throughout the entire hotel through traditional craftsmanship. If you are into Vietnamese local food, you can take the hotel’s free shuttle bus to Lang Nuong or have something at Tho Quang Restaurant and Thien Quan Bar with a wider selection of both Vietnamese and Western cuisines. With its natural forest and stunning landscape, this place is also perfect for trekking and other well-being activities. 

5. Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat

Address: Cote 600m, Ba Vi National Park, Ba Vi District

Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat is considered to be one of the best mountain resorts in Vietnam because of its alluring French colonial influences while being tucked away in the magnificent natural setting of the Ba Vi mountain range. This haven of peace welcomes you to retreat and unwind with its breathtaking panoramic views of the North Delta. An inspiring fusion of European comfort and exotic Vietnamese traditions will bring you to delight with stunning design and top-notch service.


Since the resort is in the suburb of Hanoi (about 55 kilometers), there is no surprise to catch a glimpse of the Vietnamese village aesthetic. A terrace, garden, or balcony is available in cozy, rustic rooms, allowing you to meditate and take in the soul, and the positive energy from picturesque mountain scenery. Chefs at Senses and Tonkin will make sure you have an exceptional and memorable dining experience by only using local, fresh, and organic ingredients.

6. P’apiu Resort Ha Giang

Address: Yen Dinh Commune, Bac Me District, Ha Giang Province

The first-ever high-end resort for couples in Ha Giang province is P'apiu Resort, located close to Ha Giang in the high mountains of the Bac Me district. This area is private and completely silent thanks to the magnificent natural surroundings.

Being welcomed from the gate, you will be amazed by the 1,700m-long brocade road - a piece of art that pays homage to traditional highland cultural values. It is the soul that shapes a very different P'apiu with its own distinct imprint that is challenging to mix. 

Instead of maximizing the profit, P'apiu only has 3 completely private and separate apartments in the entire resort. The first one is The Mellow, a home built in the Ha Giang people's distinctive style. The house was manually pounded over several months and is made entirely of soil with no binders, giving a view of The Phia Dau waterfall, the highest and most stunning waterfall in Ha Giang. Fluffy, on top of the mountain, is a wooden house surrounded by glass. You can fully see the floating mountains and clouds, the distant Mong village with blue smoke, and experience the pure scent of the mountains and forests at The Fluffy. Additionally, Layla Qays is captivating and unexpected. The love story of Layla and the Arab Qays served as inspiration for this villa. You won't find another experience like Layla Qays because everything is built under the ground. 

P'apiu is more than just a vacation destination; it inspires inspiration and the desire to live and love fully. That is what makes P'apiu Resort so unique, and it's also why so many couples choose to stop here on their romantic getaway in Ha Giang.

7. Panhou Retreat

Address: Lang Giang Village, Thong Nguyen, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

More than just a hidden gem, Panhou Retreat is where legend and nature harmonize, creating a location that provides unspoiled nature, a thriving culture, and heartfelt services. The name “Panhou” is derived from Ban Ho, a god sent by heaven to aid Binh Vuong King in defending our territory and the Dzao people from invaders. Ban Ho was given permission to wed the King's daughter and become Ban Vuong King. They had 12 children together (6 boys and 6 girls), and these children were ancestors of the 12 branches of the Dzao people that exist today. Ban Vuong King is renowned for his significant contribution to creating and preserving the Dzao culture. By safeguarding the environment, celebrating local culture, and promoting the neighborhood economy, Panhou Retreat today upholds the King's legacy.

Panhou Retreat hides in the charming landscape of the majestic Hoang Su Phi. Having been in the market for 20 years ago, Panhou Retreat still retains its rustic charm like the beautiful melodies of the Dao people where heaven, earth, and people blend.

At Panhou Retreat, the colors or typical costumes of the Dao together with minimalist architecture and sophisticated design create a strong visual impression. Furniture made from all kinds of natural materials used by locals every day such as stone, wood, bamboo, etc., are used in most of the place.

A romantic dinner in the middle of the pristine mountains at Panhou Retreat is an enjoyable experience that should not be wasted. Whether it is a warm dinner at Khu Cao restaurant or a private table for outdoor space…, it will bring a sense of separation from the busy day, surrounded by only the rhythm of nature, the murmuring stream and the flickering candlelight.

8. Emeralda Resort Tam Coc

Address: Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Van Lam Village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province.

The Emeralda Resort Tam Coc, right next to Tam Coc wharf, brings a totally unique experience in the ancient capital Hoa Lu by displaying the nobly traditional architecture of  Kinh Ky. 

Entering the distinctive living space with its vibrant rooms at Emeralda Resort Tam Coc, you will be brought back in time to the bygone era of the old Vietnamese aristocracy while stepping through the tall wooden gate, yellow walls, red yin and yang tile roofs. The 86 rooms at Emeralda Resort Tam Coc are distributed among two distinct island and peninsula areas, allowing them to experience a daring yet opulent way of life. While each room has its own unique beauty, they all share a warm, ethereal color that makes guests feel calm and relaxed as they observe the carefully decorated small corners of the rooms. Ceramic vases and mother-of-pearl inlaid wooden cabinets infuse the rooms with ancient themes. 

Com Restaurant is unquestionably the best option for a filling and delectable dinner, aside from the unusual room layout. Give your customers a truly one-of-a-kind experience by choosing the image of Com, the ultimate gift of the land and nature of the North. The restaurant design space combines traditional Vietnamese cuisine and a variety of Western dishes. At Jade Bar, the "jewel" in the center of the resort, you can enjoy wine and watch the moonlight spread on the Ngo Dong River at night after a day of sightseeing. This will make your trip even more impressive.

9. Sapa Jade Hill

Address: Cau May Ward, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province

A high-end resort's much-desired tranquility and privacy are well preserved at Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa, which is located less than 2 km from Sapa town's center. This distance makes it easy to access the old town center. Both modern and traditional architecture are combined in the Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa. Stone, palm wood, pine, and other environmentally friendly natural materials are used throughout the interior, and ethnic minority brocade decoration patterns are harmoniously incorporated. 

While relaxing in this hotel, you are accessible to a modern yet authentic lifestyle: an infinity swimming pool with Muong Hoa Valley view, a BBQ dinner in an open space, Dzao herbal spa, a tribal market inside the resort selling local food, and souvenirs… These are gifts for you to unwind and still be able to explore a true Sapa.

10. Ville De Mont

Address: Group 7, Cau May Ward, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province

Located at an elevated altitude of 1555m and tucked away in a century-old samu pine forest, 39 villas of Ville De Mont share a view of the Muong Hoa valley. Here, exploring Sapa's magnificent natural surroundings and the distinctive indigenous cultures of six local ethnic minorities seems like an indispensable thing to do. Nothing quite compares to the sensation of waking up in a forest at a high altitude; the sound and sensations of the surrounding biodiverse landscapes or the constantly shifting weather serve to remind us of nature's wonders. 

Each villa is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece set on the natural terrain, representing the true beauty of an authentic Sapa. They were designed with influences from colonial French villas and indigenous Sapa architecture. The interior was painstakingly designed for the resort using local natural materials like stone, unfinished wood in neutral colors, and textiles made by indigenous women. Even though it is rustic and well-known, there are still subtle hints of luxury in the details.

The Muong Hoa Valley can be seen from the spa area, where our clients can unwind while receiving traditional treatments and cures like the red Dao herbal bath, herbal detox acupressure massage, hot stone massage, etc. During their stay at Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, the cozy, nature-infused spaces provide opportunities for great relaxation.

Which one would you love to include in your mountain holiday in Vietnam? Share with us any hotel preference of yours in the trip request form.

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