Top 3 Best Ways to Explore the Ancient City of Bagan

13 Dec, 2016 | Travel Blog

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Bagan - the renowned magical plain of ancient temples and monasteries in Myanmar is the dreaming destination of travellers around the world. It possesses peerless and mystic attraction with thousands of temples in different sizes. The unique panorama of the religious plain of Bagan is so amazing that it is definitely a must-see in every Myanmar trip. You are planning for a Bagan exploration for your Myanmar Luxury Trip, but wondering which the best way to discover the great ancient city is? Below are the best ways to discover Bagan, let’s choose the most suitable for you!

1. Amazing Biking Tour Around Thousands Of Temples

Sunrise over Bagan

While the classic way to explore the huge plain of temples is the car driving to approach each temple in combination with walking and climbing onto the top of monasteries, there is another way which attracts travelers very much. It’s an amazing biking tour around thousands of temples. This way is especially suitable for active adventurers, who are fit enough for an open and interesting bike tour. It may be tough in hot days of summer as Bagan’s routes are quite dry, sandy and lack of shade. However, the soft activity is really worth to experience Bagan at its finest. On your bike, you can easily explore the atmosphere of the whole plain, not just certain temples, what you can’t experience behind the car windows. You’ll head to your own direction, follow your own plan, and keep your own pace even you are travelling with a local guide or not. The guides only give you advice for a sensible itinerary and some attractive guidance and interpretation. A lot of fun is waiting for you on the sandy but mystic path leading to various holy temples. This way is highly recommended for different visitors, different travel styles and different purposes, however, tour guides should limit it to 2- 3 hours and plenty of stop up to the wish of travelers.

2. Incredible Hot Air Balloon Experience Of Your Life Time!

If a discovery on land is not enough for your great desire of this large area of more than 3000 ancient temples, why don’t you try to enjoy it from the air? A hot air balloon to add into your Myanmar luxury trip is not something too difficult or too expensive here.

Incredible panoramic view of Bagan from the Balloon

A reliable travel agent will help you to book a safe and special hot air balloon ride with a trusted hot air balloon supplier. If you have tried hot air balloon riding before, this time will be definitely different because of the extraordinary view of the religious city under your view. It’s no doubt that this is a most impressive way to enjoy the Bagan. Words are not enough to describe the adorable beauty of the city from the balloon and the excited feeling you have during the ride. The mysterious area shows its magnificent and gorgeous landscape as a perfect work of art, which is dwindled from the birds-eye view. This is the only way you have a glimpse of the whole Bagan, the temples, villages and farms, the Irrawaddy River and distant hills. A special champagne toast and light breakfast served when touching down a field will be a memorable experience of Myanmar luxury travel. Your balloon riding normally begins at about 6 or 6:30 for the great view of the sunrise over Bagan and lasts 45-60 minutes (depend on weather). With reliable Myanmar local travel agents, the flights are very safe as the pilots takes extreme caution, if the weather is not favourable, the flight will be cancelled. That’s why this way is only available from mid-October to end March. If you wish to discover Bagan by this way, let’s plan your trip in suitable time.

3. A Journey Back To History On Horse Carts

Interesting horse cart riding tour in Bagan

There’s a unique way to see Bagan – joining a laid back trip on a horse cart. This way is quite easy, relaxing, and flexible to explore Bagan as there are many horse carts on service. You’ll be seated behind the driver in a covered carriage with open sides and back. Stretch out your legs as you make your way through the temple grounds, stopping when you like to take photos or to pop in to see some of the monuments closer up. Sometimes you feel as if you were heading to the centre of ancient Bagan between the 11th and 13th centuries. Your horse cart is opening the gate into the glorious history of the Pagan Empire, leisurely connecting the past and the present and letting you dissolve into the mystic story of ancient Burmese. Travelling by horse carts means you can also access small villages, not only temples. It is also a quiet, pollution-free alternative to the usual car or bus tours. When your friendly horse quietly walking into the orange sunset is when you know you are really a part of this incredibly serene life of Bagan. However there are more many more attractive ways to visit Bagan, horse carts riding is still a choice for culture and history lovers. We hope this top list will give you an idea for your trip to Bagan in the future. However you explore the secret city, you will find it’s worth your luxury trip to Myanmar!

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