Top 6 Destinations To Enjoy Spectacular Sunset in Myanmar

15 Mar, 2014 | Travel Blog

If you have a chance to see a magical shot of the sunset in Myanmar, you will agree to me that this is actually the land of spectacular sunsets. The golden land of Myanmar offers travelers thousands of places to enjoy the natural masterpiece of the sun, from the poetic banks of the legendary Irrawaddy River or from atop of a stunning pagoda on the hill. Below is the list of the best places for sunset “hunters” in their Myanmar trips.

1. Magical Sunset Over Bagan

The plain for more than 2000 ancient temples and monasteries is the number one in the list of best places to enjoy the sunset. With thousands of sacred temples with unique designs and shapes, Bagan also has thousands of places to see the spectacular view of sunrises and sunsets. Watching the incredibly red sun falling down over the magical plain is one of the most unique experiences among any trips in the world. The mysterious beauty of sunsets over Bagan has become an impressive image in the mind of millions of travelers, which remains a vague endless echo after their Myanmar trips. You can easily enjoy a splendid sunset by climbing on top of monasteries or booking a hot air balloon to see much more magnificent bird eyesight.

2.Glorious Sunset On U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

One of the most famous sunsets in Myanmar is the glorious sunset on U Bein Bridge in the city of Mandalay. The rustic wooden bridge immediately becomes extremely gorgeous when the sun turning red and falling down.  The stunning pagodas, mosaic shrines, dramatic fort with Mandalay Hill, hazy blue Shan mountain range and the mighty Irrawaddy River is the perfect backdrop for the sunset. The lovely shadow of friendly monks walking on the bridge is an indispensable detail in the sunset shot of photographers when visiting Mandalay.

3.Gentle Sunset From The Sandbank Of Irrawaddy River, Bagan

If you book Your Myanmar trips with a luxury travel agent like Exotic Voyages, you will have a chance to watch a special sunset over the Irrawaddy River while enjoying one of the most high-end services in Bagan – a cocktail on a sandbank to see the sunset. This special service is normally served in the late afternoon after your Bagan visit. A private, wooden boat is waiting for you for a special evening treat. Cruise across the waters to a sandbank in the middle of the waterway and go ashore where tables, chairs, local snacks and cocktails await. Relax with feet in the sand and a cold drink in hand, enjoying this unique perspective of Bagan’s temples and the changing colors that occur as the sun dips low into the sky.

4.Legendary Sunset In Shwedagon Pagoda

Sunset in Shwedagon Pagoda (Image by sigma415 from Unsplash)

In some articles about Yangon, Myanmar, I wrote much about the mystic sunsets and sunrises on the biggest pagoda of the city – Shwedagon. It is deserved to be on the list of best sunsets in Myanmar. Since the moment the sun turns red and the sparkling lights begin to shine on the golden pagoda, the unique harmony of colors and lights starts to show up in the mysterious sky of Yangon. From the top of the golden stupa of Shwedagon or from another place to see the pagoda in the sunset, travelers can enjoy one of the most sacred sights of sunset in their life while enjoying the sunset and listening to the murmuring prays of pilgrims.

5. Mysterious Sunset In The Golden Rock Kyaikhtiyo

Kyaiktiyo is just a small pagoda roughly 7.3 meters, built on top of a granite boulder and, especially like many other holy sites in Myanmar, covered with layers of gold leaves stuck by Buddhist pilgrims from around the country. People believe that thanks to the sacred hair of Buddha, the rock seems to defy gravity and stay on the verge of the towering mountain for centuries. It keeps standing arrogantly on the edge of the mountain peak as if it is being held balanced by a supernatural power.  The most magical time on the top of the mountain is at sunrise and sunset when the first sunlight begins and the last twilight comes to end. At that incredible moment, brilliant light from the sun keeps shining into the rock, creating an extremely mystic religious atmosphere, when people come in flocks as they consider it the most sacred time in the day.

6. Gorgeous Sunset On the Inle Lake

Sunset in Myanmar

Inle Lake is always considered the most relaxing and romantic destination in Myanmar among the 4 must-sees. The gentle atmosphere of the fresh and green lake is also kept in the sunset. The sunset on Inle Lake is beautiful as a passionate romance, gentle as a soft poem. If the sunset in Mandalay is decorated by the mystic shadows of monks in red robes, the sunset on the Inle Lake can’t miss the rustic shadows of locals in a longyi, standing on their wooden boat and with a foot holding the paddle.

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