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Secrets Untold

Vietnamese Head Cheese

21 Dec, 2016

Vietnamese head cheese is a favorite food of many people because it is crispy but not hard, fat but not greasy. It tastes surpisingly delicious and smells good with mushrooms and peppers. It is one ...

Vietnam Wedding Ceremony Customs

16 Dec, 2016

According to Vietnamese people, the wedding is the culmination of the process towards marriage and the form of the festival to celebrate the happiness of the bride and the groom. There are many ...

The Architecture of Po Nagar Temple

16 Dec, 2016

Po Nagar is a temple of the Cham located on a small hill, below the bridge foot of Bong Hamlet, at the head of Hai Thang Tu street, 2 km from the downtown of Nha Trang. The temple is now a cultural ...

5 Most Famous Lagoons in Vietnam

16 Dec, 2016

O Loan, Van Long, Long, Tam Giang, and Nha Phu are lagoons familiar with those who love traveling in Vietnam.  A lagoon is a small freshwater lake near a larger lake or a river. Long Lagoon, Ba ...

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