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One Day At ECOPARK - The Green City Outskirt of Hanoi

Should you are a foreigner to Hanoi, don’t miss the chance to visit an original spot on the outskirt of the city – the green city Ecopark.

Ecopark At The First Sight

Ecopark is a rare diamond in Vietnam that achieves one of “the Oscar” in the field of real estate from the IPA (International Property Award), under the category “The world’s best landscape design”.

Tourism map of Ecopark

The green city Ecopark is one of the most favorite picnic sites for both domestic and international tourists for its smart planning as well as its closeness to the open green with multistory vegetation.

It is also well-known to tourists for the attractions nearby, namely Bat Trang pottery village, Chu Xa fresco village…

Bat Trang Pottery Village

The very first stop on your trip to the suburb of Hanoi should certainly be Bat Trang pottery village.

Pottery items in Bat Trang village

No more than 1 kilometer away from Ecopark, the village made its name remarkable from the 11th century, the prosper era in the reign of Ly. When King Ly Cong Uan decided to move the capital from Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh to Thang Long, Ha Noi, many businessmen and craftsmen gathered here to run their own business. Having a rich source of Parian (white clay) – the principal material in the pottery process, Bat Trang village swiftly became the trade center for pottery with foreigners such as China, Japan, or European countries…

At Bat Trang Village, you can shop for sophisticated designs made by skillful craftsmen there. What is more, you can do-it-yourself - make your own pottery with special turning tables right at the spot.

Weekend Market with Ecopark

Next stop, EcoSunday, a wonderful event for the weekend. It is held weekly from Saturday evening to the end of Sunday for both residents and visitors in Ecopark!

International cuisine from expats in Ecopark

EcoSunday market is famous for the booths of international residents in Ecopark with a view to introducing their countries’ outstanding cuisine and culture. Once checking in the event, you can easily catch sight of colorful diversity in cultures from Russia, America to Thailand, Japan, Korea…


Street food at EcoSunday market.

The most attiring booths perhaps belong to the local food, handmade crafts, live music, and last but not least, street food!

Biking Around Ecopark

Now, rent a bike and take a tour around the Ecopark!

From the site of EcoSunday, go pass Bong Lau bridge – a small “transit” over Bac Hung Hai River. This river is the biggest artificial irrigation work built-in 1958 with 200 kilometers in length in the Northern area for agriculture purposes. 

Bong Lau Bridge from above - across Bac Hung Hai River

Along this biking road, you will surely be overwhelmed by the gorgeous Ecopark Grand, a small version of Palm Island Dubai, bathed in the endless green with dotted yellow flowers. Never will you inhale simultaneously the blooming of Da Lat Highland and the sophisticating canal system of Southwest Vietnam out of this beautiful path. 

Biking in around Ecopark

You will also have the chance to contemplate Swan Lake, the center of Ecopark. You can wander under the shadow of great old trees on listening to the beautiful songs of birds and watching a flock of swan ambling around the lake. 

The Swan Lake - center of Ecopark

Ecopark offers an amusing water sport should you interest, kayaking! Promisingly an experience you would never forget.

Kayaking with swans

Golf course EPGA

This course belonging to Els Performance Golf Academy is nominated as one of the world’s most beautiful golf course par 3 in 2019. 

EPGA Golf course at Ecopark

If you are a fan of golf, don’t hesitate to give it a try or simply take a sip of coffee on the 2nd floor of the course while absorbing the marvelous view.

Local cuisine

Two best selections of local cuisine restaurant to give you the entire experience

Cay Cau Restaurant

Cay Cau Restaurant

Located at A13-14-15 on Truc St., this restaurant brings about the traditional Northern village vibe. It is given out from every little detail in the architecture, the furniture to the dishes, the uniform of the staff. 

Cay Cau Restaurant’s menu along with the 5-star ranked chefs brings out the best of Vietnamese dishes to customers. Why not pay a visit and judge it yourself?

Trau Ngon Qua Restaurant

Trau Ngon Qua Restaurant

This open-space restaurant offers dishes with the main ingredient: buffalo.

The restaurant has its reputation for stir-fried buffalo with veggies, buffalo with burnt garlic, etc. You can easily feel the freshness and sweetness of the meat through each bite.

Starbucks Ecopark

Starbucks at Ecopark

The top 1 beverage of the world also appears in Ecopark! It is considered the most beautiful Starbucks branch in Vietnam with outstanding eco-friendly architecture.

Chu Xa Fresco village

Should you have ample of time, Chu Xa fresco village in Van Duc district is totally worth it. It is 4-5 kilometers away from Ecopark, which takes you no more than 15 minutes traveling.

Chu Xa fresco village

Located on a large alluvial area along the Red River, Chu Xa village is first-hand famous for organic vegetables and ornamental plants in Hanoi. Recently, the village has become more attractive for its mural paintings inspired by the peaceful village, recreating the familiar image from the life of farmers.

We hope our information and guidance would help you make a plan for an outing to the suburb of Hanoi more interesting and unforgettable!




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