4 Beautiful Beaches You Should Visit In Myanmar

08 Dec, 2016 | Travel Blog

When talking about Myanmar, people might just remember its ancient temples, misty mountains, and rich culture. In fact, this intriguing destination has two thousand kilometers of coastline with many unspoiled beaches - a thumbnail picture of Thailand’s beaches 20 years ago. 

These 4 most beautiful beaches are really highlighted in tours to Myanmar for those who love to get tan and have an exciting moment on the beach. Note them down for your trips; Your mind is likely to be refreshed on the untouched natural paradises!

1. Ngapali Beach

It’s easy to understand why Ngapali is the most famous beach in Myanmar. The beach boasts 7 kilometers of white sand with palm trees and turquoise water.

To access Ngapali, you will need to take a 45-minute flight from Yangon to Thandwe and go a further 7 kilometers to reach the beach. It’s recommended that you should stay for a few days because the tourist industry is well developed so there’re plenty of things to do from snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking to cycling, visiting fishing villages, and enjoying fresh seafood. Arrange a good plan to make sure you won’t miss out on anything here.

Ngapali Beach is the best place in Myanmar not only for entertainment and tourism but also to discover Burmese local culture.

Ngapali beach boasts 7 kilometers of white sand with palm trees and turquoise water

Ngapali still remains unspoiled despite the fact that the number of visitors is increasing each year. You will find lots of space and freedom. No salesmen bother you with food or drink while the locals are very friendly and always happy to help. If you just want a long walk, this beach is a great place to do. The sand is firm enough so your feet won’t sink down but soft enough to be able to a barefoot walk too (but you remember to apply mosquito repellant). Sunset and sunrise are amazing. If you want to take a picture, you have beautiful backgrounds of turquoise clear water, white sand beaches stretched for miles, and fishermen loading their nets.

2. Ngwe Saung Beach

Located in the South of Ngapali beach, closer to Yangon, Ngwe Saung Beach is as clear as it is in Ngapali but isn’t as expensive and developed, making it an ideal place for relaxing after exploring the country. This beach is suitable for every traveler, from locals to foreigners, from backpackers to vacationers looking for luxury.

There are 35-minute flights from Yangon. But if you want to enjoy the journey more, you can take a 16-hour boat from Yangon to Pathein - the gateway town. A 6-hour bus ride is the most common mode of transport to get to Ngwe Saung beach but it’s recommended to choose a standard express bus since cheaper buses will be stopped anywhere to take more customers.

Ngwe Saung Beach is as clear as it is in Ngapali but isn’t as developed, making it an ideal place for relaxing 

The beach is beautiful, clean and it’s not hard to find exciting things to fill up your days. When you've had enough of lying on the beach, there's scuba diving and snorkeling to rock your day. If you’re tired of exploring the 16-kilometer white-sand beach, you can buy coconut water from local vendors and walk to Lover’s island by foot at low tide. Visiting a fishing village in the morning to witness fishermen returning to their village after a hard working day and booking a table in a restaurant to enjoy a dinner with fresh and tasty shrimps, crabs, and squids in the evening, you’ll never get bored on Ngwe Saung beach.

3. Chaung Tha Beach

40 kilometers far away from the west of Pathein of Ayeyawady region and about 6 hours drive from Yangon, Chaung Tha isn’t as beautiful as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung beaches, but it has a smooth golden patch of sand and clear water. The beach is still a secret to foreigners but a very popular place for locals, especially on the weekends and holidays. Don’t be surprised if you see local women swimming with clothes and a hijab covers up their faces. You will also see walking vendors carrying on their heads plastic baskets of fresh seafood for sale along with the beach and local fishermen bringing in their night catch which might be served for your lunch and dinner if you get up early enough.

The beach is still a secret to foreigners but a very popular place for local

There are several neighboring islands for a short escape from the crowds during the high season. You might want to hire a boat and explore Tel Phyu Kyun (means White Sand Island). Water is so crystal clear that sea creatures below can be seen easily. Scuba diving is available on the spot so don’t forget to bring your own snorkel set if you want to play with tropical fish. Beer stations, tea shops, restaurants, and souvenir stands are easy to find on the beach in case you need a rest and have a talk with local people.

4. Kanthaya Beach

This is the Myanmar beach to hit if you want to get away from noisy urban life. Quite near to famous Ngapali, the same quality of sand and clear water but Kanthya is untouched. There is no beach sports, no big shops, and big restaurants but that is the most amazing thing especially when we are facing so many modern conveniences every day.  You won’t be able to book a hotel in advance, but you’re sure to find a place to stay when you arrive.

Kanthaya Beach is a place to go if you want to stay away from urban life

Kanthayar was "found" and named by the Commander of the Western Command of Myanmar. 125 kilometers far from Yangon, it takes you about 6 hours to get to the beach. The road is fairly good as it is being improved each year. Even though there’s not a lot to do, Kanthaya is absolutely an ideal place for those looking for a beautiful and tranquil retreat in a few days.

Things to know before you go:

- The best time for Myanmar beaches is from December to April with warm water. Beaches will be the most exciting in Thingyan (or Water Festival) - one of Myanmar's most anticipated festivals - takes place in April. The monsoon season, from May to October, is low-season due to rainy weather. Most resorts will close during this period so it’s better to check before going.

- The common beach outfit of Myanmar people is jeans and a T-shirt - on the street and in the sea. Yes, you read it right. The Burmese swim in their jeans, shorts,s or cotton pajamas, not a bikini. Of course, this unwritten rule is not for foreigners but this isn’t the land to showcase your tiny colorful bikini or to sunbathe topless. So it’s better to wear somewhat conservative.  

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