30 Most Romantic Things Couples Love To Do In Bali

20 May, 2020 | Travel Blog

Why Bali is perfect for couples

In the last decades, Bali has bloomed into a tropical paradise of Southeast Asia. The island’s fascinating culture and nature attract millions of visitors from all over the globe every year, especially couples and honeymoon travelers. 

This ultimate tropical paradise has literally everything to seduce your heart and fill your vacation with nothing but romance, intimacy, and yes, of course, a bit of adventures. The stunning beaches, the magnificent mountainscapes, the hidden waterfalls, and the lush rainforests dotted with terraced rice fields are the best backdrop for the most fairytale-like getaway of a lifetime. Moreover, this island is the base of countless luxury healing retreats, where you two can wake up peacefully in the sound of chirping birds and murmuring waterfalls, enjoy a floating breakfast on an infinity pool overlooking lush rainforest dotted with rice terraces, then hold hands exploring the exotic beaches and age-old Balinese culture.

30 Romantic things in Bali for couples

It is not for no reason that Bali is widely known as a paradise on earth for couples. Embellished by forested volcanic mountains, magnificent eternal rice paddies, heavenly exotic beaches and age-old Balinese culture, Bali makes sure that you and your soulmate will have the most fairytale-like getaway of a lifetime.

1. Embarking a traditional boat to visit the picturesque Ulun Danu temple

The Ulun Danu temple or the Floating temple is located on Lake Beratan. Its tranquil and calm atmosphere along with the picturesque location make it one of the must-visit attractions in Bali and a popular sight for Instagrammable-photos.

2. Dining under the starry sky

A candle-light dinner under the canopy of stars whilst listening to the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore can take your honeymoon to the next level. Sadara Boutique Resort (photo below), Manarai Beach House, The Oberoi Bali are some places that can set up this unforgettable moment for you.

3. Spiking your adrenaline level at “Bali Swing”

Viewing palm tree valley, Ayung River, eternal lush jungles and incredible waterfalls from a unique viewpoint of a Bali Swing. These ideal Instagrammable spots can strike your adrenaline to the highest level and give you a real Balinese look and feel.

A Bali swing with incredible view of natural waterfall and lush jungle

4. Exploring the most Instagrammable Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida Island

This secluded beach is famous for its rugged cliffside hike, which takes you down to the powdery white sand beach with deep turquoise blue waters. This jaw-dropping view is definitely worth a visit to get an once-in-a-lifetime experience with someone special to you.

5. Indulging in natural hot springs

Hot springs in Bali can not only ease your muscle, calm your soul but also are a special treatment for skin problems. Some of them even boast a stunning view of rice paddy or open sea. You can take a daytour to the Belulang, Air Panas Banjar, Toya Devasya, Tabanan, Angseri Hot Springs to unwind and allow your mind to be free from any worries.

6. Finding a secret Gateway to Heaven at Lempuyang temple

While searching for some information for  Bali, you will likely come across a photo of Heaven Gate at the Lempuyang temple. This gateway to spirituality has become an iconic and a must-visit in Bali.

7. Cooling off under a waterfall 

Waterfalls in Bali are secret gems that are waiting to be discovered. Bandung Waterfall hidden between canyons, Leke Leke Waterfall in the middle of green lush or the cascading mini Sumampan waterfall are all worth a visit.


8. Admiring the romantic sunset at the Uluwatu Temple 

The Uluwatu Temple or locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of six key temples of Bali, which are believed to be the spiritual pillars of Balinese people. But this magnificent temple stands out from the rest for its spectacular location, perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level. Its magical allure is not only in the majestic beauty and the between-heaven-and-earth-location, but also for its breathtaking sunset along with a traditional Kecak dance, which is performed right after that.

9. Practicing yoga amidst lush jungle

Imagine yourself practicing yoga in Four Seasons Resort Bali - a magical oasis of tranquility set amidst lush jungles, where you find your inner peace in the sounds of chirping birds. 

10. Staying a week at a wellness retreat or at a gorgeous resort

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, equipped with the most holistic ancient therapies, yoga sessions along with personal rejuvenation programs and organic meals, these Bali retreats are the answer when a vacation is just not enough. 

11. Dipping your body into flower petal bathtub

Spoil yourself with tropical flower petals bath experience. In Bali, flowers have long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify and calm. Especially the bathtubs in Fivelements Puri Ahimsa offer peaceful view of the Ayung river.

12. Enjoying a romantic beach cave dining on the beautiful Samabe beach

Surprise your spouse with a private seaside cave diving on the secluded beach of Samabe, which is an ideal romantic location for couples.

13. Relaxing and letting your soul dangle in a relaxing spa session

Bali boasts an uncountable range of spa, wellness treatments, which invite you to free your spirit surrounded by nature. One of the best spa in Bali is the Ayana Spa and Resort, where you can lean back, balance your mind, body and soul.

14. Being stunned by the dramatic sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

This ancient Hindu shrine is famed for its unique offshore location atop an outcrop of volcanic rock and stunning sunset. Do not miss the chance to capture the beauty of the picturesque view with the crashing waves below and the dramatic colors of the dusk sky as background. 

15. Visiting the Underwater Temple Garden of Pemuteran or Menjangan Island

This wondrous Underwater Temple Garden leaves people in awe and wonder: is it even real? This amazing structure is a perfect combination of human artwork and natural beauty of marine life. There are some diving tour providers that give you a chance to admire this amazing structures for real such as Bali Underwater Scooters (photo below), Temple Dive Center, ...

16. Chasing sunrise in Mount Batur

For adventurous couples, trekking up Mount Batur to chase the sunrise is a must. After the trek, it is quite a rewarding time just to sit there, absorb the fresh air, clear your mind and marvel at the grandiose panorama sunrise view. Taking a drive with a 4WD Jeep on the bumpy, rocky, black java road of Mt. Batur is so much fun and worth trying, too.

17. Marveling at the natural infinity pool Angel’s Billabong

Let your body go limp and your soul float on the crystal-clear infinity pool of Angel’s Billabong, which is surrounded by unique limestone formations overlooking the Manta Point Beach.

18. Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Take a spectacular diving tour to the middle of the ocean to make friends with the peaceful giants - Manta Rays. Nusa Panica offers 4 snorkeling points: Crystal Bay, Manta Bay, GT Point and Wall Bay, giving you an unforgettable experience. 

19. Joining a private cooking lesson

What can be more romantic than preparing a meal for the one you love? Visit a local house and learn some Balinese cuisine that has been influenced between indigenous traditions, Chinese as well as Indian cuisines. During the cooking lesson in Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, you will not only learn some Balinese cooking technique but also experience the essence of the island on your plate.

20. Hiking in the Tegalalang rice terrace

If you are getting enough of the blue sea with white sandy beaches, let’s amaze yourself with the eternal green rice paddies in Tegalalang. It might look smaller in reality than it does in photos but it’s still very beautiful.

21. Sunset Dining on the Sand at Jimbaran Bay

Enjoy the exclusive romantic dinner on the sanft sand beach of Jimbaran Bay as the sun dips below the horizon, the fleeting colors of dusk begin to fade away.

22. Watching dolphins at sunrise in Lovina beach

Create a magic morning by taking a boat trip to see the dolphin playing joyfully close to the boat, in their natural habitat, while the golden rays of the sun light up the clouds and the ocean surface.

23. Spending one night in the Ubud Palace, where the Royal Family is still living

The Ubud Palace which ages several hundred years boasts traditional Balinese architecture and design. The Palace especially allows guests to stay overnight in one of five guest bungalows where you can experience how the real royal life looks like.

24. Visiting the mother temple Pura Besakih

Regarded as the most sacred and holiest temple in Bali, Pura Besakih is actually a complex of 23 separate temples, each of which has its own symbols and meanings to lure tourists from all over the world.

25. Taking aristocat cruise to Lembongan Island

Spend a day with your beloved by boarding on a luxury catamaran of Bali Hai Cruises to Nusa Lembongan Island. This golden sand island has everything to offer: from tranquil forest, lagoon pool, water sport activities such as snorkeling, banana boat ride, pool volleyball to a submersible coral viewer tour.

26. Purifying your body and soul in holy spring water

‘Melukat’ ceremony is a traditional ritual ceremony to purify your body and soul in Bali. The Balinesen believe that the holy water can have the power not only to purify the soul, but also to prevent people from sickness and misfortune.

Holy spring water in Tirta Empul temple, Bali, Indonesia

27. Waterskiing or jetskiing together in Nusa Dua

Bali is also the best place to enjoy some exciting water sport activities such as waterskiing or jetskiing. Getting wet together and capturing the beauty of Bali from a bird's eye view with Bali Hai Cruises can make your holiday one of the most precious experiences in your life.

28. Hiking up to greater heights: Mende Hill

Mende Hill is a lesser-known hiking spot in Bali, which means you and your partner can have a tranquil and private time together while marveling the scenic beauty during the hike. 

29. Sipping a cup of Luwak coffee while visiting a coffee plantation

Coffee-lovers should not miss the opportunity to explore the making process of one of the most expensive coffees in the world: Luwak coffee.

30. Making a DIY silver ring for your love

It can’t be more romantic than making your own wedding or proposal rings in a silver making class "SUNSRI House of Jewelry" in Bali.


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