10 Reasons Why Visiting Thailand is So Popular

17 Feb, 2017 | Travel Blog

If you look for an informative guide into Thailand, you have found the right place. We include all detailed guide from visa application, directions, transportation to best attractions, dishes or experiences there.

10 awesome reasons to visit Thailand your next time travel

Planning on a new trip? Which country are you fancy? If you are looking to soak up ancient culture but still have feeling for crazy parties and everlasting nightlife, want to immerse yourself in pristine white beaches but still yearn for mouth-watering foods, there’s no greater place than Thailand. These are 10 reasons to convince you that now is the perfect time to visit this paradise. But be careful, you might not want to return once you get there.

1. Thailand is a true paradise of islands in the world

Being famous for the dreamy coastline, island hopping is always one of the most attractive activities in Thailand when you can hop to any of the hundred ones to swim, sunbathe, beach sport, or just simply relax and sip coconut milk on the beautiful sand. From the laid-back island vibe of Koh Samui, the jagged rocks of Koh Phi Phi, beautiful sunset in Koh Lanta to virgin beaches of Koh Phangan, there are so many things in the islands of this country that you’re hard to experience in just a trip.

2. Thai people are incredibly friendly

You’ve heard that t Thailand is being called “Land of Smiles” and this is the time for you to find out the reason why. This name doesn’t come for no reason. You meet local people with happy smiles everywhere, every day in Thailand. They are kind, lovely, nice, easy-going, and willing to help when you get lost or want to find a good place for your dinner. Of course, when you travel to a country which attracts millions of visitors, you should be aware of people who are just after your money. That’s true for some, in every country not only Thailand, but the majority of locals here are super friendly. Greet a local with a smile and some Thai language such as Sa-wa-dee (Hello), La gon (Goodbye), Kop koon (Thank you), Kor thod (Sorry), Tai ruup dai mai? (May I take a picture?), Nee tao rai? (How much is this?),...

3. Thai food is nothing but tempting

You might see numerous Thai food recipes shared online but you won’t experience truly Thai food until you have it in Thailand. It isn’t just good, it’s delicious. The food is well-known for the balance of sour, spicy, sweet, and salt - the main features of Thai cuisine. You will find either on restaurants or any stall on the streets of Silom Road, Soi Rambuttri, Soi 38 Sukhumvit, Khao San, and Chinatown for a mango sweet taste of Kao Niew Ma Muang, sour flavor of Tom Yum Goong or a special green curry of Geng Kheaw Wan Gai. Ask the locals for their recommendation or you can read 10 amazing Thai dishes to make up your mind. Easy to understand the cuisine of this country right on your first bite, and in the second bite, you will have the same belief with many people in the world, that Thailand is the paradise of street food.

4. Rock yourself with Full Moon parties

If you are a party animal, you should never miss a chance to take part in Full Moon parties. Thousand of locals and travelers flock here just to have fun and be crazy until sunrise. At first, it was like a small party on the beach of some hippies and backpackers playing music and having a beer. But it changed. Now, it is a giant festival-like party that attracts thousands of participants with lots of fun.  Each bar plays its own music loudly, the beach is full of people. The energy is crazy and wild. You find yourself can’t walk when the party finishes in the early morning.  

5. Thailand is home to some jaw-dropping places to visit

It’s not difficult to see why millions of people choose to come to this beautiful land each year.  Thailand has many to offer. It is the country of Khao Sok National Park where you can do trekking and kayaking in the jaw-dropping lake in the day and staying on floating bungalows at night; of Pai - a quiet countryside that makes you stunned by its rivers, mountains, and rice fields; of a hustle and bustle Bangkok, of beautiful beaches and islands,... If you ever visit this amazing place, be sure not to miss out on any of its locations. Or you might regret it when you’re back home.

visiting Thailand

6. Thailand has the best lantern festival in the world

Yi Peng and Loy Krathong are lantern festivals that take place every November in Thailand, but Chiang Mai holds the most beautiful one. The festival commits a truly remarkable sight by the banks of Ping River. Thousands of locals and travelers make wishes for the year ahead as they release the lanterns into the sky, make a magical twinkling flurry of light. This is the most photogenic part of the festival, but there are also parades, religious ceremonies, fireworks, and the releasing of paper floats in the river. A Lantern Festival tour is absolutely a must-do for any traveler in Southeast Asia.

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7. Thailand’s location is ideal for a traveler

Thailand - the country of smiles, cocktails, bars, heritage, and culture. A country where you see monks receiving alms at dawn and naked girls seduce foreigners at dusk, where both backpackers and 5* travelers satisfy their desires at the same time. Thailand also as very good public transportation. It won’t take your time to find a flight, train, ferry, bus, and taxi. From here, everywhere is just around the corner: In two hours you can be in Hanoi, three hours to Hong Kong, four hours to Bali. This country is the perfect place to start or end an adventure.

8. Get close to the elephant

If you love wild animals and you always wish to get up with big creatures being around or see them close, Thailand is the place for you. Many elephants in Thailand have faced abuse, beaten, overworked, and poorly fed. They are rescued and sent to elephant parks to have a better life. You can book an elephant tour to visit a park and work in a volunteer activity to soothe the toughness these gentle giant animals have suffered. Splashing in a river with the elephants or feeding baby ones might be the unique experiences on your journey to Thailand.

9. Best place in the world to satisfy your scuba diving dream

Have you ever wondered how marine life looks like under the water?  It is a whole new world and learning scuba diving like opening a door to this wonderful land. With the long coastline, numberless islands and the crystal clear water, Thailand offers some of the best scuba diving locations in the world. You can choose either Koh Samui, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh Lipe, Koh Samui, or Similan Island to conquer the ocean. They will teach you to familiarize yourself with scuba gear, how to deal with underwater emergencies as well as other things to keep you safe under the water in the swimming pool first then real dive locations to reinforce the skills and explore the coral reefs and hidden marine life.

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10. You cannot get bored in Thailand

Every country is amazing on its own but there is always something to do for everyone in Thailand. Food, drinking, partying, activities, hanging out, relaxing, nightlife, adventuring, sightseeing or just chatting with new friends … this country has so many things to offer to travelers. Even on the Koh Pha-ngan island which is famous for its crazy parties you still find a peaceful beach to escape the noise. Even in the less popular sports, you will most likely find a bar where you can have a drink and hang out late at night.

For 10 reasons above, no surprise why Thailand is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Why not to book a trip to this dreamy country and discover it yourself?  

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