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How Asian people celebrate Christmas

23 Dec, 2019

Do you know what Asian people do on Christmas? We might not have turkey, candles lit and eggnog like in most Western countries, but we do appreciate and celebrate Christmas in compassion with ...

Digital Detox Retreats in Southeast Asia

20 Dec, 2019

According to studies in 2018, an average millennial picks up the smartphone about 150 times a day. Does that sound scary to you? Nowadays, technology is an undoubtedly crucial part in our daily ...

The Most Colorful Places in Thailand

15 Oct, 2019

To many travelers, Thailand is no longer a peculiar name when it comes to experience and reputations. Besides idyllic beaches, fantastic elephant sanctuaries and delicate ancient architectures, this ...

Top 13 Secrets to Travel Myanmar in Your Style

Klover | 27 Sep, 2019

A luxurious journey that involves some out of this world experiences. And there are not many places in this world have more unique things to offer than Myanmar.  1. Visit the legendary Shwedagon ...

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Thu Do | 11 Sep, 2019

Talking about Vietnamese holidays, besides the well-known traditional Tet and the sacred day of Hung Kings Commemorations, there is a joyful festivity that you should check out – Mid-Autumn ...

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