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Travel Blog

Top 7 Amazing Waterfalls in Bali

18 Aug, 2022

Bali prides itself on having some of the most magnificent landscapes on earth with stunning turquoise beaches, lush jungles, and poetic rice fields. And mother nature in Bali never fails to invoke ...

Top 5 Island Escapes In Cambodia

03 Aug, 2022

An island escape in Cambodia? It sounds strange to many travelers. Because when talking about Cambodia, people will immediately think about its mighty Angkor temple complex and century-old Khmer ...

Best Scuba Diving Sites In Thailand

15 Jul, 2022

Boasting a tropical setting, vibrant culture, thriving food scene and exotic beaches, Thailand is a perfect destination for a summer vacation. Besides laying down under the palm trees or swimming in ...

Best Hotels To Stay In Chiang Mai

06 Jun, 2022

Chiang Mai refers to "New City" in Thai. It was given this name because, in the year 1294, it became the new capital of the "Lanna Kingdom," which means "a Million Fields." At the time, it was the ...

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