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Secrets Untold

Discovering Wild Beaches of Myanmar

15 May, 2015

Myanmar - the country of golden temples, not only attracts visitors with grandiose temples but also have the places for those who love to explore the wild beauty of nature. The wild landscape of ...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

13 Apr, 2015

Vietnam has a coastline which is over 2025 miles. It is not surprising that has many beautiful beaches in Vietnam and small bays with white sand and clear water. Scuba diving, sunbathing and watching ...

Top 7 Amazing Waterfalls in Vietnam

10 Apr, 2015

Thanks to the annual monsoon season, many of the waterfalls in Vietnam are powerful, majestic but still romantic yet. With highlands occupying ¾ the whole territory, Vietnam is a home of numerous ...

4 Iconic Landmarks in Vientiane, Laos

22 Jan, 2015

It is undoubted that the former royal city of Luang Prabang is the most famous and alluring destinations in Laos. However, more than 300 kilometres to the South, the current capital city, Vientiane ...

Top 4 Temples In Angkor Not To Miss

31 Aug, 2014

Most tourists choose to visit Cambodia because of its so famous temples. The temples in Angkor show ancient religious architectures, which represent virtually anywhere in Asia. The ruins of Angkor ...

6 Highlights in Shan State, Myanmar

14 Apr, 2014

Perching up above the lowland of Myanmar, Shan State is composed of serene hilly plateau as a backdrop for an incredible variety of ethnic groups who has been living here for centuries. There are ...

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