Digital Detox Retreats in Southeast Asia

20 Dec, 2021 | Travel Blog

According to studies in 2018, an average millennial picks up the smartphone about 150 times a day. Does that sound scary to you?

Nowadays, technology is an undoubtedly crucial part in our daily life. Nonetheless, we have become dependent on it and the over-usage of technology has created a lot of negative impacts to ourselves and the environment. Many of us are mostly detached from nature without even realizing it. For this reason, we feel the urge to write this article and list out Top 6 Digital Detox Resorts in Southeast Asia. We believe it’s important to switch off every now and then, go tech-free and reconnect with the real world. Although it’s not as instant as a swipe or a click, it would be much more contented, satisfying and completely worth the effort.

1.      BABA Ecolodge (Former the Golden Buddha Beach Resort) – Koh Phra Thong, Thailand

Kicking off the list is the BABA Ecolodge – a luxury eco-resort hidden amidst the coastal forest of Koh Phra Thong Island. Overally, the resort is a perfect complex of 29 bespoke cottages, which space freely across more than 19 hectares of fringing beach forest. Each house boasts immaculate gardens, interlacing with the beautiful surroundings to create a green theme. Deliberately, they are Wi-Fi excluded as a promise to an authentic “unplugged” experience. However, it’s the 12km-long pristine deserted beach that truly comes with the spirit.

Featuring an unspoilt turquoise waterfront lined with tropical flowers and trees, the BABA Ecolodge offers utter privacy, refreshing moments and endows you with unparalleled vitality. Besides the beach, there are various mindful and healthy activities inside the hotel such as forest trek, sunrise beach yoga, spa and treatment, to name but a few.

2.      Topas EcolodgeSapa, Vietnam

Lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Northwest Vietnam. Waking up to breathtaking views and enjoying quality moments, you will find yourself completely refuge from the busy city life in Topas Ecolodge.

Labeled as one of the Unique Lodges of the World by National Geographic, this luxury eco-resort is truly a piece of heaven. Here, rustic chalet and Vietnamese style are woven throughout the properties, setting up a simplistic yet exquisite concept that blends in with nature. Step into this surreal fantasy of clouds and greenery, all you can see are spectacular mountain layers, mesmerizing rice terraces and endless valley dotted with ethnic minorities’ villages. Add to its perfection is the heavenly infinity pool. Steeping in the warm water, you can solely relax, take your time and slowly merge in the dreamy landscape of Sapa.

3.      The Rainforest EcolodgeSri Lanka

Bordered by the magical Sinharaja forest reserve, The Rainforest Ecolodge is easily an ideal destination for a day of digital detox by a good deal of reasons. Located within a tea plantation, the hotel’s 16 rustic small chalets fit brilliantly with nature. 

Designed from shipping containers, these chalets embrace the ideas of environment preservation. Each house benefits from a private deck that bestows a best-of-both-world view of the tea estate and the forest. Granted with a diverse natural habitat, The Rainforest Ecolodge has some truly exciting activities for you to take part in. Take on a 5-hour excursion for a chance to fully explore the area. And if you’re not that restless, a decent trekking or a nature trail will do the work. Afterwards, a fish therapy in a natural water stream will recharge your energy. At the end of the day, your adventurous day will boil down into a palatable meal by the lodge’s restaurant. And for a perfect night, we recommend a beer at the lounge, or on your private deck for pleasant privacy.

4.      Kamu LodgeLaos

Home to the mystical tropical forests and local ethnic tribes, Northern Laos is like a graceful mysterious girl that draws everyone’s attention. Embodied the beauty of this region, Kamu Lodge offers a “slow travel” experience, featuring serene setting surrounded by green paddy fields.

Made up of 20 freestanding safari tents, this eco lodge operates wholly on solar power. Each tent has rustic thatched roof with fixed solar panels and a private balcony that looks out onto the forest and river bank. Inside the tents, bamboo furniture combines with beautiful flower jars, creating an eco-friendly space. Wi-Fi and TV are excluded in Kamu Lodge to ensure an authentic, true to life experience.

Instead, there is a variety of exciting activities around the lodge such as rice farming, fishing, visiting local village, Laos’s archery and many more that will take at least 3 days to fully discover.

5.      Samahita Retreat – Thailand

As a yoga retreat, Samahita adopts wellness and healthiness into their hotel system. This means organic shower products, recycling policy, fresh and healthy dining and salt water swimming pool. Especially, the daily yoga classes along with a good range of detox programs are the stars of Samahita Retreat. Located in a spacious area with towering coconut trees and incredible views of Laem Sor Beach, a yoga class in Samahita is tranquil and refreshing. The hotel introduces a balance of practices and activities for both body and mind namely meditation, Pranayama techniques, core strength fitness routine, etc. The teachers are skilled and helpful, offering options for different capability levels from beginner to expert so you won’t feel pressured. All in all, whether it’s the robust practices of yoga class or peaceful moment on the pristine sandy beach, you will always get to nourish your soul in Samahita.

6.      The Farm at San Benito – Philippines

Boasting 48 hectares of lush tropical jungle with breathtaking view of majestic mountains, The Farm at San Benito is a renowned eco-resort that owns numerous awards for wellness and healing.

Like a small village tucked into a green forest, the hotel’s surroundings are natural yet enticing with waterfalls, pools, lagoons and even the gracious peacocks. Aptly, they conjure up a bygone era, when people live far more elementary. Staying at the Farm, make sure to check out their trademarks alias the Holistic Sanctuary and the Healing Sanctuary. These two retreats are well-known for their excessively rejuvenating procedures that include Medical Consultation, Live Blood Analysis and complete clearing treatments. The processes’ aim is to help you have an in-depth perspective of your health and guide you to a more robust lifestyle.

Apart from the sanctuaries, an abundance of activities are available in the Farm. Guests can do yoga, golf or power walk for exhilaration or join in a vegan cooking class for a tasty cultural experience. There is also a playground for kids with games and exercises. Holding a green concept that comes along with a holistic service system, The Farm at San Benito is a perfect place for those who are searching for refreshment. In other words, the retreat is rather a healthy journey than just a 1-day stopover.

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