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06 Jun, 2022 | Travel Blog

Chiang Mai refers to "New City" in Thai. It was given this name because, in the year 1294, it became the new capital of the "Lanna Kingdom," which means "a Million Fields." At the time, it was the bustling heart of the local region, attracting merchants, artists, and people from all walks of life. Today, Chiang Mai is Thailand's second-biggest city. Blessed with a rich culture and lush nature, Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations for tourism. Therefore, there are a plethora of hotels for visitors to choose from, yet the options can be overwhelming. No worries, as Exotic Voyages has collected the 7 best hotels in Chiang Mai to help save some time on considering the suitable location to spend your vacation in!

137 Pillars House

The 137 Pillars House is a lovely boutique hotel in Nawarat, one of the city's most attractive locales. The hotel is within a 5-minute drive from Thapae Gate Market and a 10-minute drive from Chiang Mai's city center, making it ideal for eating and sightseeing. The beautiful teak wood edifice, surrounded by lush tranquil gardens, reflects its 19th-century roots as part of the Borneo Company headquarters. The quiet respite from Chiang Mai's busy streets is fabricated by the blend of old Thai architecture and modern design. The hotel offers five distinct types of accommodations, yet all suites exude classic refinement and luxury.


The main building, Baan Borneo, used to be the headquarters of the Borneo Trading Company

Dark-wood paneling, carved ceilings, and seating spaces with curtain-enclosed sofas are inspired by the colonial style.

Bright bathroom with huge walk-in closet and bathtub

Relax by the pool with a beautiful ivy wall

The Rachamankha

The Rachamankha’s owner is an architect, and it is clearly shown in his aesthetic throughout the building of this hotel: hints of elegance from the old times fused with minimal, modern influences. Adorned with antiques that remind visitors of the glorious history, each artifact is arranged to meet full efficiency and comfort for visitors. For couples searching for seclusion in natural surroundings, they can trust this luxurious garden hideaway. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted at the hotel, since numerous precious trinkets and a general sense of quietness are not favorable to families with small children.

The 20-meter pool, located in its own courtyard, is perfect for a relaxing swim

Several thousand titles are available in the library's huge (and partially antique) collection

Northern Thai, Shan, and Burmese cuisine are emphasized in Rachamankha's restaurant

A small museum displaying Thai and Burma artifacts from the 19th-century is located above the restaurant.

Tamarind Village

Tamarind Village, a calm, romantic boutique hotel that embraces local Lanna tradition, offers the beauty of a hidden Thai resort in the heart of the city. It's one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai, with a towering 200-year-old tamarind tree standing on the centerpiece. Tamarind Village offers a wide range of excursions and cultural activities to keep visitors occupied, which can be booked through the concierge and reservations department. Therefore, signing in for these activities should definitely be a note down for visitors coming to the hotel.

Tamarind Suite is beautifully decorated with wooden furniture and minimalistic decor

Exhibition Gallery inside the resort

Beautiful ornaments are displayed in the Tamarind Boutique

Ruen Tamarind Signature Dish

Na Nirand

Na Nirand has long been known as one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai. This calm garden property could not be better located for anyone wanting a break right in the city, since it sits on the banks of the Ping River. A five-minute stroll from Na Nirand will take you to the night market, and a ten-minute tuk-tuk ride will take you to the ancient city center. This wonderful resort is centered around a beautifully restored teak Lanna-style home, and each of the 39 rooms is adorned with dark Lanna-style teak and rattan crafted by local artists. Ni Nirand is the ideal romantic getaway for couples, with its discreet, sensuous atmosphere, but it also offers a lot of accommodations and activities for families.

A 100-year-old rain tree watches over Na Nirand

The décor reflects the warmth of the blend of classic and romantic art with indigenous Lanna architecture.

Traditional crafts are used in every corner of the hotel, showcasing the skills of local artisans and help to gain extra income to the communities 

The restaurant Huan Kammung represents Lanna's life in the past beautifully through the ambiance, design, and materials

Four Seasons Resort

The luxurious Four Seasons Resort is ideally positioned near historical attractions, antique stores, and art galleries of Chiang Mai. Located in the gorgeous Mae Rim Valley, the resort overlooks emerald rice fields and mountains, allowing visitors to relax and recover in the natural setting. Each of the 64 bungalows has a private covered porch with views of the gardens or rice terraces. The property's apartments are designed to resemble traditional Thai pavilions, giving them a regal, opulent coat. The resort has a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a spa, to name a few accommodations.

Look out to the lush nature from your outdoor sala

Hike through the natural waterfall in the morning is a must

Rice Terrace Room brings you close to the Resort's plantation life

Four Season offers immersive activities to connect with local culture and traditions

The Inside House

Step into a Lanna Colonial-inspired fantasy at The Inside House and prepare to be impressed. Compact as the hotel is, there are enough traditional Thai decorations and artwork to keep the eye aesthetically pleased, as the ornate patterned carvings and room moldings are inspired by Arabic and Indian styles. This opulent urban retreat features 31 rooms and suites that front the main courtyard, with a 10-meter-high vertical garden filled with lush greenery. Guests are given actual keys to access their rooms (a great old-school touch). This hotel is the only one in Chiang Mai with up to 14 pools, all of which are heated all year round.

The Inside House offers a spacious room with a private pool and an exclusive view of Chiang Mai city

The Lanna-Colonial theme is imbued in every door frames

The outdoor shower area perfectly blends in with nature. yet still ensures privacy for users

The boutique looks like a magnificent palace from the outside

Phra Singh Village

Phra Singh Village’s design is influenced by the two major kingdoms of Lanna and Lan Xang, both of which affected much of the region's cultures and aesthetics and were created in the 13th and 14th centuries, respectively. The hotel combines traditional architecture, design, and art objects with contemporary comfort and technology. This heritage retreat provides visitors with individualized and kind service in a unique boutique setting from which to experience Chiang Mai's fascinatingly ancient and modern cityscape.

Phra Singh Village is coated with a professional, calm yet welcoming ambiance

Spa treatment is one of the best assets of the hotel

With its unique setting, Phra Singh Village provides pleasant accommodation for your stay.

Experience Thai cuisine at its finest in Phra Sighn's restaurant

The hotel is only minutes away from the famous Wat Phra Singh temple

Among the best hotels in Chiang Mai, these 7 lovely places will definitely guarantee you a satisfying experience while in the Old City with luxurious accommodation, full-range service, and attentive, professional staff. Contact our expert to start building your own luxurious trip to Chiang Mai!

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