Acknowledge 5 simple things to have a better Vietnam trip

10 Apr, 2023 | A-> Z Guide

Dao Mau or the worship of Mother Goddesses plays an important role in the identity of Vietnam culture.

Vietnam is known for having many beautiful landscapes that attract foreign visitors from all over the world. However, many foreign tourists who visit Vietnam for the first time are confused about the land they plan to visit. This blog post lists 5 essential things to know before you make a trip to Vietnam.

1. Study Vietnam Before Traveling

Vietnam’s natural landscapes differ significantly from north to south, from high mountains to cool central highlands and gorgeous beaches. Weather varies due to differences in east-west and south-north wind directions, altitude, and seasonality. 

The majority of Vietnamese still practice folk religions, especially in remote regions. Dao Mau, or the worship of Mother Goddesses, plays an important role in the identity of Vietnam culture. Vietnamese people value modesty and restraint so many of the etiquettes here are influenced by this. 

You might be surprised by the traffic here, which first-time visitors often think it’s wild and impulsive. But actually, it’s chaotic in an organized way. Our post about Vietnam's must-know experience and understanding offers more useful information for a Vietnam journey. 

2. Common Diseases in Vietnam

The most common diseases in Vietnam are flu, Dengue fever, and cold due to the tropical climate, environment, and hygiene concerns. For this reason, you can have a pre-travel health check to provide you with pre-trip disease prevention knowledge, followed by a post-trip assessment of disease exposures that are less common in your home country.

Additionally, heat exhaustion, diarrhea, and travel sickness should be considered while traveling. Therefore, you should be cautious about water and food safety. But don't avoid street food because it's an appealing part of Vietnam tourism; instead, pay attention to restaurant selection to be safer about food; Bring hats, sunglasses, and insect repellent, especially when you plan to travel the mountains.

If you have any special medical needs, carry with you the necessary medication and medical records to be careful. Don’t be hesitant to go to the hospital when you need any additional instructions regarding medical issues during your travel. In major cities, public and private hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

3. Tipping in Vietnam

Tipping is more commonly known as "Tien bo" in Vietnam. The phrase comes from the French "Pour boire." Tipping is not required in Vietnam as most menus include the service charge but a small amount of money for good service is always appreciated, considering the low income in Vietnam. $1 - $2 or rounding up the bill are all common tipping etiquette in Vietnam.

4. What Visitors Often Think About Vietnam But Are All Wrong

  • Converting money into Vietnam dong is a must

Foreign tourists visiting Vietnam do not always need to convert their money into Vietnam Dong. Many restaurants and hotels accept foreign currencies or bank transfers. However, it is advisable to change to Vietnamese currency if they want to be comfortable in various situations especially if you want to enjoy more local experiences. 

  • Not many Vietnamese people speak English

Many foreign tourists to Vietnam believe it will be difficult to communicate or simply ask for directions in Vietnam. That’s quite true but not really. Young generations study English since they are in primary school and are also interested in striking up a conversation with foreign tourists to improve their language skills.

  • You have to walk softly and speak softly

It’s quite noisy on the streets and in local restaurants in Vietnam. But being mindful of your behavior to avoid affecting those around you is never superfluous advice. Do not speak, laugh, or put on music too loudly when you are in quiet spaces, and do not imitate what others do.

  • Vietnamese people eat loudly

Apart from other countries in Asia, people in Vietnam believe that remaining gentle and elegant is advisable. Holding a bowl of rice in your hand rather than keeping it on the table, lowering your head to eat, and don’t make loud sounds of bowls and chopsticks banging together are what Vietnamese people have been taught since they are small children. 

5. Essential Things To Prepare Before Traveling

Passports and identification documents: To prove your identity and nationality, you must have a passport and an identity card.  Travelers should keep in mind that your passport must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay in Vietnam and one blank visa page is a must (not including the endorsement page)

  • Health insurance and travel insurance

Our advice is to study travel and health insurance policies. They not only make you feel safe, but they also save you money and time when unexpected problems arise.

  • Some tech gadgets

In addition to cell phones, cameras, and chargers, you may wish to carry a multi-function power outlet. A multi-function outlet can be convenient since your place of stay might use different power plugs than when you are at home.

  • Medications

Make a list and buy a full supply of medicines to bring with you because finding a pharmacy in a new location can take time. Suggest bringing anti-nausea medication, fever reducers, and digestive aids.

  • Proper outfits

Carrying clothes, shoes, and accessories is necessary but should not be carried too much as it will make it cumbersome and wasteful. To be prepared, research the weather in your destination and the activities you take part in. Again, travel lightly because clothing shops are everywhere in Vietnam.

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